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Lee Chun Hee Announce His Surprise Engagement

Actor Lee Chun Hee (31) has announced that he will be getting married to actress Jun Hye Jin (22) in March of 2011.

A representative of his agency, NOA Entertainment, spoke with Star News on December 27th and revealed, “Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin introduced their families to one another on December 22nd, and are currently discussing their wedding date.”

The two appeared on SBS’s 2009 drama, “You Smile“, and began dating soon after the drama ended.

The representative continued, “Their personalities match well, and they were attracted to one another by the attitudes they each held regarding their careers. They consider their relationship like fate, since they were a couple in the drama that has now jumped out to reality. Please give them your support so that they may continue to love happily.”

On his fancafe, Lee Chun Hee announced in greater detail:

“Hello, fans. This is Lee Chun Hee…
It was a very, very cold Christmas. I wasn’t even able to greet you all a “Merry Christmas”… ㅠㅜ Instead, Happy New Year… I didn’t have any recordings for Christmas, so I spent it with my friends.
You are all watching <Gloria>, right…?? It feels like our first recording was only yesterday… but six months have already passed since I’ve been with <Gloria>. Now there’s only about a month left for me to live as ‘Hadong.’ Thinking of ‘Donga’ makes me upset, but for the six months I was able to act as him, I was genuinely happy. I just want to do my best until the final episode. I feel as if this drama will remain with me for a long time in my memories, even after it ends. Such great castmates, writers, director, and the passionate staff… I was happy to be a part of the team that made <Gloria>…
Amidst such happiness, I have something more to be happy about… I’m writing this here to notify the fans who love me more than anyone else first. Recently, everything that has been happening to me feels so new and like it’s destiny – it’s all so surprising and joyful.
Everyone, I, Lee Chun Hee, have finally found someone I love. I plan to get married to her… I know you’re surprised, but please give us your blessing… We’re really, really happy. I want to run around everywhere and shout out the news…!!! I know you may be thinking that this might be a hasty decision… but for me, I’ve thought it over and have trust in my love, which is how I made such an important decision.
For a while now, I’ve been in love with a woman whose identity I wasn’t able to tell to those around me. As she is an actress, I had to keep it quiet, but due to our trust, we’ve decided to get married.
The actress that I love is none other than Jun Hye Jin, who starred with me in SBS’s “You Smile.” I first met her there… but at the time, she wasn’t anything more or less than a fellow castmate to me. I thought that we synchronized well as partners, and that she was very respectful to her seniors. Since she was the maknae, I wanted to take care of her and such. She was just a tiny little girl who even called me ‘old man’ in the drama…
But after the drama recording ended, I began to see her as a woman…
Before, she was just ‘Jisu,’ a girl that sells ddukbokgi in the drama.. but after the drama ended, I began to see her as a woman named Jun Hye Jin… I kept thinking that maybe I was connecting myself to the drama too much, and was misinterpreting my emotions.. so I tried to avoid her as much as possible.. but I kept missing her, I kept becoming curious about her.. And it wasn’t possible to do as I had planned anymore.
Because I liked her so much, I contacted Hye Jin under the excuse of buying her a meal or some coffee… But the more I did that, the more I saw her kind nature. She was very realistic, always bright, and made me feel comfortable being with her.
So I asked her out first. To meet me once. To consider it, since there’s nothing that can go wrong when we’ve already dated in a drama. The nine years of difference in our age was not a problem to me…
It wasn’t easy, but I persuaded her time after time and finally earned her heart at 9 AM on April 9th. That’s how our love began, and that’s how she became my lovely girlfriend.
Because of our careers, we weren’t able to go public, but Hye Jin never once complained about that and remained by my side during those nine months. I began shooting for <Gloria> not too long after we began dating, and as I got busier, she continued to support me, giving me the ability to trust her as a woman. She works hard at school and lives life diligently, which I thought was so lovely…
Taking a step further, I officially proposed to her. I told her that I knew she was still young, but if she could still trust me and follow me… I wasn’t able to show her much, but for her happiness, I could put my entire life on the line… that I wanted to be together. I wanted to deliver my feelings.
It wasn’t easy, but I also began persuading her parents. Recently, I proposed to her at a concert. For Hye Jin, I sang a song I couldn’t sing… My parents heard of this and told me that it was the best deed I had ever done since I was born. Eventually, we met with both parents a few days ago and earned their blessings.
A lot has changed. Before I met her… and now, as I love her. This is love, that’s what I believe. I feel like I’m walking on clouds. I believe in myself.. and I believe in Hye Jin. I also believe in love… I have the confidence to live happily, so I shout it out to all of you.
Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin are getting married… We’ll live happily. Please congratulate us.
We’re thinking about getting married in March, but I’ll come back and brag some more when further details are confirmed…
And one more thing. I received a very big and emotional present. It’s kind of embarrassing… Hye Jin and I are having a baby. She’s eight weeks pregnant, and I’ll be a father next year. Just thinking of it makes my throat close up. I feel as if I could fly through the sky. She’s taking care of her condition and being as careful as ever. I hope that you’ll send us your blessings and support for our marriage and our child.”
Source: Star News via Nate (1) (2) & Allkpop

* I wish them happy... reading his long announcement aka love story, all I can think now is... this guy is cool. Hope I'll end up with someone cool too Hahaha

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