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Fanfic HBHJ: Shillang, I Missed You Too

Hyun Joong admitted that unpacking his luggage was easier this time around. He smiled when he recalled how his Hwang Buin had helped him packing when they were filming. She really did a good job taking care of him. He thought she was naturally a kind and caring person. Hyun Joong was glad he married Hwang Bo although it was only on the show.

As Hyun Joong arranged the nicely folded clothes in the drawer, he accidentally kicked his key wallet that was lying on the floor. Heaving a sigh, Hyun Joong realised how messy the room he shared with Young Saeng was. Hyun Joong half sat on the floor to pick up the key wallet. Instinct told him to open it although he did not need to use the keys inside. 

A white paper stuck out in the wallet. Hyun Joong frowned. He pulled it out and unfolded it.

"Hyun Joong, come back from Japan safely. A man who can do well while I'm not around is my handsome Shillang."

Hyun Joong's eyes widened. He turned the paper around, trying to find any clue about it. Shillang? Was it from Hwang Bo? When did she wrote the note and put it in his key wallet without him knowing it? That was very cunning of her. Hyun Joong stared onto space with a blank look. It was very thoughtful of Hwang Bo to write that note for him. 

Hyun Joong got up from the floor and placed the note nicely on the top of his drawer. He would keep it where it would be visible for him to see every time things got tough for him. He saw the schedule on the white board when they arrived just now. Packed.

Hwang Bo really took care of him with the packing and the note. He was glad he went out and bought her that cough medicine. At least, Hwang Bo should know that he too care for her.

Lonely. Hwang Bo changed her mood for today to lonely in her cyworld. She had recording today. But she still felt lonely. It was fun and she enjoyed her company of friends during the recording. Now that she was alone at home, she suddenly felt lonely. Hwang Bo quickly got up from her chair and rummaged the table for her schedule. When would the next We Got Married filming be schedule?

Not as soon as she expected. With Hyun Joong away in Japan, they would not meet until the next two weeks when he returned. Slowly, Hwang Bo sat down. Pity. She anticipated the filming. It was not like her to anticipate anything. But with Hyun Joong, that slowly changed.

When Hwang Bo was done changing her mini room, she decided to listen to some song and sleep. She shut down her laptop and placed the paper crane Hyun Joong made for her on its top. Strangely, the song she chosen was Dahaengyida. She drifted to sleep with a smile on her face. 

"Hyung, I'm making some ramen. Do you want some?" 

Hyun Joong looked up from his lap top. Kyu Joong was waiting for his answer. His mind was somewhere else thus it took him a while to comprehend the question. "Ramen?"

Kyu Joong nodded his head. It was so like Hyun Joong to be lost in his own world. Kyun Joong was so used to that.

"No.. No.." Hyun Joong shook his head. After Kyu Joong left, he turned his attention back to the screen of his lap top. It was Hwang Bo's cyworld. He was curious. Before he knew it, he started to search for her cyworld in the internet. He found it easily. For the last an hour and a half, Hyun Joong had been lurking from one page to another, reading her diary and her photo entries.

Thin line appeared on his lips. Was Hwang Bo thinking about him as he was thinking about her? He noticed she said she was lonely. He also noticed the background music of her cyworld is Dahaengyida. Hyun Joong was sure Hwang Bo was thinking about him too. The smile widened.

Hyun Joong knew she was touched with his promised of the three items, his promise of the paper crane and his singing for her. He was glad he left Hwang Bo in Korea with good impression.

"Really?" Hwang Bo asked on the phone. She was jumping excitedly in her room. She was about to go out for another recording when her cellphone rang. As she was late, the call annoyed her. But when she heard the news, she quickly forgot how annoyed she was before. 

"Yes. The schedule is confirmed but it must be kept secret from Hyun Joong," emphasised the PD.

"It's OK. We don't talk outside of filming," replied Hwang Bo with laughter. After ending the call with the PD of We Got Married, Hwang Bo dashed out from her house. She must quickly finished recording and came back. She wanted to surprise her Shillang with homemade kimchi.

It was like her prayers were answered. She really missed Hyun Joong. Two weeks seemed like a very long wait. When she was told the production would fly her to Japan to surprise Hyun Joong, she could not believe it. Indeed, her prayers were answered. "Omo!" she shouted. "This feeling is too real," Hwang Bo told herself as she locked the door.

Of course, she was not bothered about it. After all, everything in the show was real. Her feelings and her gestures. Hwang Bo wondered whether Hyun Joong's feelings and gestures were genuine too. She would ask him when she met him in Japan.

For the time being, she was too ecstatic at the thought of meeting her Shillang again.

- the end -

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