Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jang Geun Suk To Receive 2 Awards at 2010 Asia Buzz Award

Korea's popular idol star Jang Keun-suk is likely to receive two awards for the upcoming Yahoo! Buzz Awards 2010, according to Jang's promoter Tree J. Company on Thursday.

Tree J. announced in press release that Jang is currently first in two of three categories - top male star and top Asian star - in a popularity poll including Internet users in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia between November 8 to December 1.

The Yahoo! Buzz Awards, into its seventh year, selects and offers awards to celebrities based on the "buzz", or number of searches, a star has received on Internet portal site Yahoo! 

The count so far indicates that in the category for top male star, Jang has garnered over a total 5.6 million votes which is twice the amount lodged by the first runner-up and nearly 10 million votes in the survey for top Asian star.

He has been competing against Korean heartthrobs such as Super Junior, Kim Hyun-joong, Rain, 2PM and Lee Seung-gi. 

After announcing the results on December 9, the winners of this year's Yahoo! Buzz Awards will be invited to the official awards ceremony set to take place in Hong Kong on December 17. 

Based on the popularity of his hit dramas such as "Hwang Jinny (2006)," "Beethoven Virus (2008)" and "Minamishineyo (2009)," Jang took off on a six-month long tour to meet with his fans in Taiwan , Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong during the early half of his year. 

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* If you're Jang Geun Suk fan than you'll be happy with the news... but if you're one of Kim Hyun Joong fans who vote like crazy and put him on the 1st place trying to maintain him on his place you'll say the news is suck... as for me... hahaha I don't vote for both of them so I don't feel anything. 

Jang Geun Suk or Kim Hyun Joong? 

why do I have to choose between the 2? I love both of them, I enjoyed watching their drama, and I am instantly be their fan because I think they're good. But the fact that I have to choose between who I love the most give me headache... 

I hope fans will think straight now... no matter who wins just be happy for them... oh yes you've vote like crazy but still other people votes like crazy too... rather than fighting over something you can't change... just be happy... think it like this "I vote for him, I really vote like crazy... even if he didn't win I'm happy at least I am one of his fan who sincerely want him to win."

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