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Fanfic HBHJ: Shillang, You Are The One

His Hwang Buin was not paying attention to him. That fact bugged him since he showed up unexpectedly at her place. He thought the surprise would.. Well.. Surprise her but he got none of the reaction he expected. "Argh!" Hyun Joong's loud sigh broke the silence in the room. He threw his head back, pulled his hair and grimaced as if in terrible pain.

She glanced to her side and spotted Hyun Joong struggling to keep his balance on the sofa. "Why are you sighing?" asked Hwang Bo, looking up from the laptop monitor that she had been staring at blankly since forever. She was in the middle of reading messages left on her Cyworld when there was a knock at her backdoor. She was very stunned to see Hyun Joong there. Too stunned that Hyun Joong had to invite himself in. She wondered why he came over. They did not make any plan to meet up. She was too confused until she did not know what to do. She just let him sat on the sofa in silence while she stared absentmindedly at the monitor.

Hyun Joong took his feet of the floor. He sat with his legs folded but almost fell off the sofa. He tried to grab on the back of the sofa but failed. As the result, he landed on his side with his folded legs lifted up. After he upright himself, Hyun Joong put his feet down on the floor again. He almost fell on the floor while wobbling when he hastily tried to stand up. 

He looked hilariously funny every time he tried to gain his balance, thus Hwang Bo could not hold back her laughter. She clapped her hands and left her chair. As she walked towards Hyun Joong, she fell on her knees on the floor. Her stomach hurt from laughing too much. Hyun Joong's facial expression was so comical. 

Although he looked flabbergasted, a thin line appeared on Hyun Joong's lips. "Buin, I'm bored," he announced. He felt like the sofa was burning with fire after sitting down for a very long period. Even his legs felt numb. He did not purposely lose his balance to make Hwang Bo laugh. He could not feel his legs. His smile widened. But his Hwang Buin would easily laugh at anything he did. He charmed her in ways he did not know he could.

"You.. You.." Hwang Bo tried to talk in between her laughter. She could not say more than that. In fact, she was lying on the floor, holding her stomach.

From where Hyun Joong was standing, Hwang Bo seemed to be rolling on the floor. Her laughter was addictive. Hyun Joong found himself laughing with her. "What?" he asked, stepping closer to Hwang Bo. "Me? What's with me?" He stood next to Hwang Bo's head. He reached out both hands towards her.

Hwang Bo looked up at him. She smiled when she saw his hands. Grabbing Hyun Joong's hands, she let he pulled her up. "You resemble a round, fat thing when you wobble like that," she told him. She nodded her head several time to convince Hyun Joong when he gave her a blank look. 

"Should I start rolling on the floor now?" he asked, gesturing his hands towards the floor. His forehead wrinkled as if giving his own suggestion a serious thought.

"Why?" asked Hwang Bo. She seemed to be confused.

Hyun Joong smiled. "Because I'm a bored round fat big thing." Hyun Joong chuckled as Hwang Bo crouched down, going into another fit of laughter. He put his hands around her shoulders when she started to hit his arms. 

"Why are you like this?" she asked after taking a long deep breath. She sounded like she was accusing him of trying to kill her with his jokes.

"That.. But you like it, right?"

His arrogant smiled made it difficult for Hwang Bo to disagree with him. Hwang Bo folded her legs as she sat on the floor. "Should we go somewhere?" she asked, looking up at Hyun Joong. Her gaze followed Hyun Joong as he too, sat on the floor, next to her. "You said you are bored," she reminded Hyun Joong. "Is that why you come?" She understood it now. The reason why Hyun Joong showed up at her place so sudden was because he was bored.

Hyun Joong nodded his head. "Hhmm," he answered briefly. He had just arrived at Hwang Bo's place almost ten minutes ago. He had a sudden urge to go and spend times with her. They both have activities later on the day. They both would meet for We Got Married filming in a few days time. Strangely, despite being busy and having the opportunity to meet up soon, Hyun Joong still could not fight the urge to drop by at Hwang Bo's place. He refused to be sappy and admit he missed Hwang Bo but that was the truth. 

"I thought your style is stay at home, read manhwa, eat ramyun and then sleep?"

There was a very long silence before Hyun Joong answered, "Right but I can't do that with Buin, understand?" His teasing smile appeared to be mischievous. 

Hwang Bo blushed a little and lowered her head. Hearing that Hyun Joong wanted to spend time with her made her heart fluttered. She played with her fingers. Could not do his style with her. How hard was it to simply stay at home, read manhwa, eat ramyun and then.. With her? Hwang Bo's blush deepened as she realised what Hyun Joong meant.

Hyun Joong stretched his neck to look at Hwang Bo's lowered head. Then he chuckled when he observed her deep red face. "Jjimjilbang. How about spa?" Hyun Joong unexpectedly suggested. Spa should be a good place to visit for relaxation.

"Jjimjilbang?" Hwang Bo asked. "Have you been there before?" She was suspiciously. Of all the places to go, Hyun Joong came up with the spa. "Do you know what place is that?"

"Of course. A spa."

"But at that place, male and female go to different hot tub and sauna. Even the massage room is segregated. Why do you want to go to places like that?" She moved her hands towards the opposite directions, emphasizing on the word 'different' and 'segregated' with each gesture.

"Buin, are you thinking about looking at other man?" Although Hyun Joong smiled but his tone was stern. He was hurt.

Hwang Bo laughed. "No. Shillang, I mean.. If we want to spend the day together, why do we go to this place?"


Hyun Joong's sudden mischievous smile alarmed Hwang Bo. She squinted her eyes, anticipating what he would say next. 

"Is it because you want to be in the same hot tub with me?"

She bowed her head low. Her shoulders moved vigorously, the confirmation that she undeniably was laughing out loud. "That's not it.." Hwang Bo sighed. It was without a doubt very difficult to win against Hyun Joong. She should have learnt her lesson by now. "This seems to be our first argument," she said, exasperatedly.

"No. We are discussing," denied Hyun Joong. "Our argument is of different style." He smiled, recalling the time when his Hwang Buin throw tantrum at him for clearing the white lie told by his friend. It was a total 360 turn from patting his head to hitting and kicking him. At that time, he was being honest. White lie was after all a lie thus he could not let Hwang Bo believe in it. It was not like him to say something sweet just to make someone happy. "When we argue, you will give me 20 minutes cold shoulder treatment." Hyun Joong smiled.

"Shillang!" Hwang Bo whined. She knew what he meant. The white lie incident during We Got Married filming. She did throw tantrum because Hyung Joong, at that particular moment, really annoyed her. How she wished he could sometimes tell her white lies just to make her happy. But if he did, Hwang Bo knew, he was not being himself. She liked Hyun Joong's honesty. "OK," Hwang Bo agreed after a long pause. "We can go to jjimjilbang but.. I don't want a lady to give you a massage."

Hyun Joong was about to open his moth to say something but Hwang Bo cut in before he could. 

"And.. You can't look at any other female there."

Hyun Joong wagged his index finger at Hwang Bo. "And you will not get a male to massage you too, OK." He gave Hwang Bo a warm smile. "If you need a male massager, I can do it for you. Your feet, your neck.."

"OK." Hwang Bo's answer, to her embarrassment, came too fast. She sounded like she was looking forward to the skinship.


She nodded her head slowly. When Hyun Joong pressed for a more firm answer, she said, "Yes. OK."

Hyun Joong nodded his head, satisfied with the answer. "To be fair, Buin also can't look at other male there. You can't wear anything too revealing." Hyun Joong's list of things Hwang Bo could not do at the jjimjilbang kept growing.

"Argh! I'm going crazy!" She muttered the sigh lowly hence Hwang Bo was surprised when Hyun Joong heard her and asked, "Why?" She pouted a little. "There's so many thing we can't do at the jjimjilbang. Then, what's the point of going there?" Hwang Bo was very frustrated with the fact they would not spend time together at the spa after all. 

Both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo pondered in silence for a very long minute before Hyun Joong came up with another suggestion. "Let's just do it a home."

Hwang Bo raised her eyebrow. "The spa?"

Hyun Joong enthusiastically bobbed his head and answered, "Hmm.." At that moment, his handphone rang. He hurriedly took his handphone out from his pants pocket, stood up from the floor to walk at a corner and answered the call. He did not want the caller � his manager � to know he was at Hwang Bo's place. There were a lot of things happening between Hwang Bo and him out of We Got Married filming that no one knew about. He wanted to keep it like that until they were both comfortable enough share the relationship with everyone.

Hwang Bo watched Hyun Joong from where she was sitting. She smiled. She admitted she was happy Hyun Joong surprised her with the visit. Even though she told herself repeatedly he came because he was bored, nevertheless she believed he came because he missed her. Hwang Bo was thrilled. "Did you realise something?" she asked him the moment he ended the call with "Thank you for the reminder," to the caller.

Hyun Joong turned around, facing Hwang Bo. "Hhhmm?"

"That we didn't go anywhere today? We didn't do anything too. We just talk and.."

"Yes. We didn't go to jjimjilbang," Hyun Joong quickly agreed with Hwang Bo. That was a pity. He was really looking forward to spend time with his Hwang Buin and do something meaningful. Only between the two of them. He was rather disappointed it did not happen. He did not manage to go on a date with Hwang Bo today.

Hwang Bo got up from the floor. She paced towards Hyun Joong. "Yes. We stay at home and chat. Shillang, I like that."

Hyun Joong smiled. He stretched his hand, waiting for Hwang Bo to take it. As disappointed as he was, he was thrilled Hwang Bo enjoyed staying at home and chatting with him. "I like it too. Let's do it again. Chatting," he suggested. Hyun Joong tenderly squeezed Hwang Bo's hand.

"But.." Hwang Bo pouted with a sad expression. "You have to leave now, right? You have activity after this. I have activity too." The time they spent together was too short.

"So.. We are not going to the spa?" asked Hyun Joong, moving their clutched hands back and forth absentmindedly.

Hwang Bo shook her head several times. "No."

"Not even at home?" he confirmed with Hwang Bo.


"Argh.." he sighed. "I was hoping you could wash my hair for me again," he added as an afterthought. Hwang Bo laughed out loud, hitting his arms a couple of time before Hyun Joong caught her wrists and hold her hands still. Apart from his close friends � his SS501 members, to be exact � Hyun Joong was never able to just chat and share silly laugh with anyone else. Especially not with someone he was not familiar with or a senior. Hwang Bo was both a stranger and a senior. But that gradually changed. He had also gradually changed. "When we film the next mission, let's pretend we haven't seen each other for the whole week. You must look very happy to see me until you want to fall flat on the ground because you miss me so much."

Hyun Joong's suggestion knocked her down on the floor. She laughed until her stomach hurt. Hyun Joong was the one whom she enjoyed to be with doing nothing. Even the chats between them made no sense sometimes but those chats seemed to be the best chats she ever had. She confessed that Hyun Joong in fact was the one, the only one person she could experience this with comfortably.

"You can continue to practice while I slip out through the backdoor," he teased Hwang Bo. He waved his hand at Hwang Bo as he walked towards the backdoor which had become more familiar to him than the main door. 

Hwang Bo sent him away with a sad gaze. She waved back at him.

Hyun Joong only took a couple of steps toward the backdoor when he suddenly turned around. Then as quick as lighting, he paced towards Hwang Bo who was still sitting on the floor, gazing at him.

Hwang Bo gasped. She did not image Hyun Joong's lips touched the top of her head lightly. He really did kiss her there. It was very swift and he disappeared as swift as the kiss. She was too dumbfounded to say or do anything about it. She knew she did not need the practice. She already missed him and the stolen kiss. She would miss him more thinking about the stolen kiss. She would miss him more thinking about how she would steal a kiss from him the next time they see each other.

- the end -

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