Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MC Mong Attends His Third Trial

Singer MC Mong, who was recently charged with suspicions of intentionally extracting his teeth in order to dodge his military draft, attended his third trial on December 20th at the 519th Seoul Central District Court.

The six-hour-long trial included the testimony of five witnesses, all of whom were MC Mong’s dentists. The day’s hearing focused on interrogating the issue behind the validity of the 46th and 47th teeth extractions. All five dentists present were his dentists in 2004.

At the second hearing, all five revealed that MC Mong’s teeth were already deteriorated, causing him to be in great pain. “A first glance with the naked eye would have shown that they were in a bad condition,” they stated.

When asked by the judge as to why he was not consistent in visiting one dentist, MC Mong could not come up with an answer. Furthermore, after it was revealed that there were no records of his extractions and consultation fees, the dentist in question answered, “We had just installed a new electronic register so there was a moment of confusion. Regarding the consultation fees, the nurses did not ask MC Mong to pay because he is MC Mong (a celebrity).”

When asked whether MC Mong made any mention of draft dodging during the time of his teeth extractions, the witnesses provided answers that were different from those recorded during the investigation.

In the investigations, they had stated, “We discussed his draft problems and he intentionally extracted his teeth in order to dodge it.” However, once in the court, witnesses stated, “The police investigations were held in a pressuring and forceful environment. They led us to reply in the manner they wanted.”

After the trial was held, MC Mong refused to make any further statements and returned home. He wrote on his mini-homepage, “I will wait for the next trial. I cannot even breathe, but I request that you wait for me.”

Source + Photos: Newsen & Allkpop

* Finally some news about MC Mong... I'll wait for him... and I still believe on him (^^)

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