Monday, December 27, 2010

KBS Entertainment Awards 2010 List of Winner

Korean comedian Lee Kyung-kyu won the grand prize at the KBS Entertainment Awards, held at KBS' Open Hall on December 25.

Lee was awarded the top honor for his role as the emcee in KBS' segment "What Makes A Man," part of entertainment program "Happy Sunday," which was one of the most-watched shows in the country.

"I was given the honor even though I was competing against my distinguished juniors including Shin Dong-yup, Yoo Jae-seok, Kang Ho-dong and Kim Byung-man," said Lee in his acceptance speech."All of them are incredible juniors but you win awards with luck."
"There were many times where it was hard on me personally and moments where it was hard on the team overall. I don't think I can ever forget this honor since I overcame many hardships to win it," the veteran comedian added, "I also want to share this award with the members of 'What Makes A Man’ as well as the writers and producers."

The prize for best program went to "Happy Sunday" for the third consecutive year and singer and actor Lee Seung-gi won the prize for best in show/entertainment category.

"I didn't think that I would win and my heart feels heavy seeing the face of Park Myung-soo, I am honored that I have this opportunity to be a part of an entertainment program on KBS and I also want to thank the other members [from 2 Days and1 Night]."
Lee Seung Gi also stated, “To the two hyungs who are looking over us from somewhere out there, thank you,” – it’s surmised that Seung Gi was hinting towards Kim C and MC Mong.

The ceremony featured a musical performance from the "What Makes A Man" choir and a parody of the popular segment "2 Minute Forum" from "Gag Concert."

Congratulation to all winner!
"2010 KBS Entertainment Awards - List of Winners"

Grand Prize : Lee Kyung-kyu

Grand Prize (Female and Male Comedian) : Park Ji-sun/Kim Byung-man

First Prize (Female and Male Comedian) : Heo An-na/Park Young-jin

Best in Show/Entertainment Category (Female/Male) : Hwang Soo-kyung/Lee Seung-gi

Best Newcomer (Female/Male) : Kim Young-hee/Choi Hyo-jong

Best Newcomer in Show/Entertainment (Female/Male) : Lee Si-young/Kim Seung-woo

Best Idea Award : Kim Ki-yul, Park Young-jin, Kim Young-hee

Best Entertainer Award : Park Myung-soo

Special Producer Award : Kim Sang-min

Special Award : Kolleen Park

Achievement Award : Jeon Kwang-ryeol

Best Teamwork Award : Happy Together Season 3

Best Emcee in Show/Entertainment (Female/Male) : Gu Hara/Lee Soo-geun

Viewer's Choice Program : Happy Sunday

Producer Award in Comedy : Lee Sang-deok (Gag Concert)

Producer Award in Show/Entertainment : Lee Don-kyung (Love Request)

Credit Source & photos: 10asiae , Yonhap, Newsen

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