Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joo Jin-Mo and Lee Da Hae Cast in New Historical Movie

According to Trophy Entertainment the film's distributor, Joo Jim Mo and Lee Da Hae have been cast in a new historical movie 'Coffee'. It was based on a novel "Russian Coffee" written by Kim Tak-Hwan, about a first barista Korean woman who served the king in late 19th century in Korea.

Joo Jin Mo will play the role of brilliant swindler who is also a double spy from Russia, while Lee will take on the role of the barista.

"Coffee," to be helmed by director Chang Yoon-hyun, is based on the story about Imperial Japan sending spies to the Korean Peninsula to assassinate King Gojong (1852-1919) before he declared the independence of the country.

King Gojong was known as the first to drink western coffee in the country which was provided by the Russian Embassy.He later built an additional guest house within the palace grounds to enjoy the drink and invite foreign diplomats.

The movie also stars actor Park Hee-soon and actress Yoo Sun, will be filmed in Russia and Japan and set to open in local theaters during the summer of 2011.

Source: 10asiae

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