Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yonghwa & Soehyun Episode 3

They met at a station bus... 
looking at their expression... we can guess that both anticipated to meet each other.

While in the bus both talk about their ring. 

YH: I never taken it off... I might lose it...
SH: For me, I take it off when I go to sleep... it might fall off

They talk about Potatoes... the code that given by SNSD sisters... and so on...

(but this is that get my attention... ^.^ )

aaah I wonder why he look so serious LOL
He is cute... 
he was too serious and the late respond make him look much more like a jealous person to me ^^

They arrived at the mall. This the funny scene ever LOL
everyone behind them forming a line... so cute...

They went to SH favorite section. She look so comfortable with the environment but YH look awkward but stick to her... so sweet ^^

And here they go... oooh YH and the red bag :D

They end up buying the 2 books. SH suggest that YH read one of the in a week. I wonder if YH really gonna read. He seems too busy for this... I think it's hard for someone who have no interest in reading... but SH might change be able to change that ^^

Done with choosing books. Both head to a CD shops.
Both get excited to see their albums on the rack.
But the MC were much more excited to see 2AM poster at the back LOL

They bought the stickers with hope Soehyun pic. will be there.

Soehyun place her donate on the box and refer it as a small love.

Finally they stop at a cafe. Eager to look out for Soehyun stickers.
But to their surprise she wasn't there. 
Yonghwa don't need Soehyun stickers. He already have her LOL

Knowing that Soehyun is giving out her phone number to Yonghwa. 
Jinwoon once again shows some reaction ^^

Soehyun prepared some fruits for Yonghwa. 
Not so fancy but I think she is such a sweetie...

While enjoying their snacks.
They received a message...
and Jinwoon seriously wish that Soehyun HP will run out of battery haha

It was a mission message:
"Would be married couple get closer~
Go on a date at an amusement park".

Both spend their time happily...

another thing remind me of Joongbo huhuhu
Hyun Jung & Hwang Bo ride the same thing before too 

Their next stop is the haunted house.

I really love the other MC hahaha

Giving out comment like:
A couple must go there,
couples naturally make physical contact in there
Like you end up hugging him.

They just know how to make Jinwoon react.

I wish I can put the creen cap here while they were entering the haunted house
 but it was to dark and I can't manage to pick the good one.
But all I can say is Yonghwa admit that the whole time he was so scared
 and he end up holding on Soehyun. 
Besides He keep hiding behind Soehyun back too LOL

Okay ghost also their fan hahaha

Next stop is a Rocket Shoot. (That's what I call that thing... one of my fav. ride >.<)

As I said before... I love the MC hahaha
another comment that manage to make Jinwoon react.
His small reaction means a lot hahaha

Soehyun make a call to her SNSD sisters and Hyoyeon is the one answering it.

They end up their date with a nice memories that day ^^

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