Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kim Won Jun

My latest addiction LOL
Kim Won Jun.... he's not a young idol. But he have the face of a pretty man.
I wonder why on earth people keep referring him as an old man...

And now I know why...

Kim Won Jun (born February 161973). 
He is member of Korean group (베일) V.E.I.L. (Various element In Life)
He leave his carrier behind for a while after diagnosed with cancer. 
And now He's back.  

He's not that old anyway, besides why do musics and his carrier have to be measure with his age. 
He's good singer, good looking and perfect.

This song were release on 2007. I think the MV is unique but out of all V.E.I.L really have a great musics.

What Do You Think?:


  1. Hi-- leaving you a late reply I guess...but I just found this by accident, while looking for V.E.I.L's lyrics((including rap--For Radio--can't seem to find them anywhere)) ^^ I was looking for the lyrics for Radio. He's called 'old' by some people because they're not used to 'idols' being big (and drooled over) at his age...because most idols are 16, 17, 18 when they debut--and I think that's how old he was... some people are **very** biased when it comes to age of a person--they think those that are over 20 are old. -__-* And no, he's not that old anyway--he's 9 years younger than I am. And he gets squealed and squeed at. lol

    To older singers--he's still a kid. I never knew he was diagnosed with cancer though--can you tell me where you found this out?

    I found k-pop in about 2000, so I didn't see him when he was popular--but I've seen mvs and performances, etc from those times--and I think his voice is better now.

    thanks for posting.

  2. Hi mythoona...

    I have to agree with you on the age bias... (^^)
    about the cancer... I've read it somewhere before but can't find it anyway... and I've once watch some interviewer asking him if he's fully recover... that's all. Do u think I need to edit that down? Hmm maybe I should right?

  3. Hey...another late reply from me....not sure if you still like him but he's now in the korean variety program called "We got married", pairing with his 38-year-old friend Park Sohyun, and he's absolutely cute in it...i guess he'll be able to regain his popularity thru this...and i'm so in love with him...^^ That's what got me here check it out and you will love him more^-^ He doesn't look 38 at all, rite? Heheh

  4. ohhh...i made a mistake...the pairing, Park Sohyun is 40 years old...but they've been friends for 18 the couple is REALLY cute^^ But he's not getting married for's juz a virtual marriage...if you know this program, it's reli nice and hilarious... That's all! ^^ !

  5. Thanks Mimi,

    I'm one of their fan too. Well of coz I started watching because of Kim Won Jun (^^)

    Its good to know that u're watching them too.