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Fanfic - Vacation (HJ & HB) Part 3 & 4

Extra Story # 4

Title: Vacation
Date: May 13, 2009

Part 3

Watching the significant dark circles under his eyes, he must have staying up all night last night, 
There will be almost 4 more hours ride before reaching Boseong, 

She is feeling rather heartbroken seeing how tired he was, “Let’s take a nap now, you must be tired, look at your severe dark circles.”

“Kenchana,” He shook his head,

Although he said so, just shortly after, he readily lies on the chair dozing off irresistibly.

Softly putting a jacket on him, gently smoothen his hair, he must have putting a lot of efforts rearranged his schedule so as to come with her on this trip.

Although he is crazily busy, he still mindful and attentive to her thoughts and needs, his heartfelt intention always amazed her and touches her heart. 

So thankful, almost, she almost misses each other.
Watching his calm, sleeping face, along with the contribution of the jolty ride, she too starts to feel sleepy, leaning on the window, slowly dozing off in her dreamland as well. 

She did not know how long it passed, but she seems to hear a voice calling from a distance, she slowly opens her eyes, waking up to the voice of the bus driver, and vaguely realized that they already arrived in Boseong. 

Finding herself leaning on his shoulder, 
He already woke up, looking all freshen up, giving the impression of having spangles in his eyes.

“We arrived, let’s get up.” He causally reaches out and tucks her hair behind her ears.
“Le1……” Still a bit blurry, she sits up at last, and smoothen her hair.

HJ gets up and brings down the luggage from the upper rack, carries with one hand and holds her hand with the other hand.
“Let’s go”

Getting off the coach bus, taking in a deep breath, the revitalizing breeze waft lightly with the aromas from the tea trees,

So soothing and calming that she sigh with bliss, “Wah, so refreshing….!”

He takes a deep breath too, and nods,
“The air seems filling with the fragrance from tea trees.”
“That’s right, that’s why Boseong deserves to be called the homeland of Tea. I heard that the whole Valley is full of tea trees.” HB said.

Just breathing in the refreshing air soothes the tiredness.

“Where should we go first?” He asked.
“Just walk around, it’s best if we could find a tea house, sitting in and enjoys a cup of freshly made tea, what do you think?” She suggested.

She cheerfully starts to walk faster, and he could not do anything but to hold her hand and dragged along.

There is already a big tea garden not far away. Terraces of tea trees are planted uniformly on the whole mountain, the tea leaves radiate out the beautiful jade like green color under the sunlight, and stretches as far as the eye can see.

The tea garden’s master also owns a small but unique tea house, serving as a tasting house for the tourists. 
Ordering two cups of tea made by freshly harvested tea leaves, just by smelling the aroma from the tea, she is already falling for it.
Sipping slightly, the tea aromas fill and stay in the lips, not only soothing the lips but to the soul.

“Isn’t it taste really good?” She asked his opinion.
He also takes a sip, expressionlessly, “Le……”

Giving him a side-glance, “Aish, that uncaring tone again…...”

“A ne ar2…….” He innocently expressed.

“I insist to come here, you must be bored, A la ge3?!” Tea tasting, travelling to vent out for fresh air, does not seem to be his cup of tea, he might find it boring.

He takes a glance at her, and gets another sip, “A ne ar, this place is nice too, at least the air is refreshing.”

“If you were to choose the place you wanted to travel to, where do you want to go?” She asked.
“Me? ...... I’ll choose to sleep in at home.” He thought about it for awhile, and said it in his poker face.

This sounds really familiar, isn’t what he said during WGM time?!
He is so lack of originality.

“Are you really want to spend your day off like that……”
“Le……” He nodded.

“Aren’t you live your regular days like that already? Wouldn’t you get bored?” She asked.
“But I’m so lack of sleep, that’s all I can think of right now.” He said.

End Note:

1 Le – Korean word, simple way to express okay
2 A ne ar – Korean word, meaning not true
3 A la ge – Korean word, usually in a question, “it’s right, isn’t it?”

Part 4

By the time they leave the tea house, it is almost time for dinner.

They decided to find a place to stay for the night, check-in, and drop-off the luggage first before heading for dinner.

There are two places for the tourists to stay in Boseong, and they chose the family oriented bed and breakfast. It is a 2 storey high house, the first floor is the reception area, and the owner’s family also lives on the first floor. The second floor is to serve the tourist as bed and breakfast.

HJ went to check-in, and HB is sitting on the sofa in the reception area close to the entrance waiting.

HJ came back after checking in, picked up the luggage, walked up the stairs, and get in one of the rooms with the key he got from the Ajashi.
HB follows him to the room and wanders around to check the room, two twin beds and a bathroom, very simple but warm and cozy.

He dropped off the luggage, and threw himself on the bed, stretches out.

“It’s quite nice, you have this room then, I’ll go and check my room, give me the key.”
She reaches out her hand asks for the key.

“Your room? ……. It’ll be here.”
He sits up and smiles lightly at her.

He got that strange look on his face,
“Then, let’s go and check on your room.” She said.
“My room? …… It’ll be here too.” He smiles suspiciously.

She is shock and stares blankly, “Wea?”
“No more room, this is the only one left. There’re two beds anyway, what’s so wrong about it?”

“How could this be the only room? Let me go check with the Ajashi again.” 
She got up and stepping out of the room.
HJ jumps up from the bed, and get hold of her arm,
“Don’t go, why would us need two rooms anyway, so wasteful.”

“But …… That’s not appropriate.” She mumbles,
That is …… too fast …… She is not yet prepare ……

“Wea? What is it that is not appropriate? Could it be that …… you’re going to sneak raid me?”
He rounded his eyes staring at her, giving the cute gesture of putting his hands on his chest defending himself.

“Bo ya ar ……” She breaks out into laughter and starts to punch him instinctively.
“Anyhow, I’m a man, …… I could …… could protect myself ……” He bites his lips, stuttering his voice, as if he is surrendering.

She laughs wholeheartedly and fell on the bed rolling, 
“I lost again!! I can never win against you.”

He sits on the other bed, laughingly looks at her, slowly the laugh dies down,
“Let’s have one room, I could sleep steadily only if you stay by my side, otherwise, I’ll be alert all night pricking up my ear making sure you are alright, then, I couldn’t sleep well.” 

He is really not at ease leaving her in the other room alone, looking at his sincere expression, she does not insist in the end.

Briefly tidy up, they went out to have dinner.

Since Boseong is the homeland of Tea, they are experts in putting tea into the food, for that reason, tea fusion food is their specialty food.

They sat down in the restaurant, ordered several dishes that used tea as one of the ingredients, it is light in flavor, but very tasty and revitalizing.

HJ only has a few bites, but start commenting that the food is too light in flavor, and immediately asked for Spicy Chilli sauce, dipped in to eat.

She uses the chance again nagging and reminding him to eat healthy, but he looks relaxed, as if he is delightfully enjoying her nag.

After dinner, they leisurely take a walk, holding hands.

Boseong is a small, simple and quiet town. There is nearly no people on the street during dinner hour.

Not in the tea harvesting season yet, and tourists like them are very minimal too. Although they have almost no cover-up, no one recognized them.

There is nearly impossible to find a place they could relaxingly and quietly walk around holding hands, just like how a normal couple could be enjoying themselves not being disturbed. The chance is so rare, that is why they precious it a lot.

Will be continue...

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