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Fanfic - Vacation (HJ & HB) Part 1 & 2

Extra Story # 4

Title: Vacation

Date: May 12, 2009

Part 1

The coach bus is on the highway moving like greased lightning.

Looking out through the window of the fast moving bus, the nice autumn scenery could easily be seen. Bright Clear Sky, the deep greens on both sides of the highway, and the golden crop fields stretch as far as the eye could see.

Seeing such nice sceneries passed by, she feels the peacefulness and carefree spirit. Of course if all these not including HIM,…… that would be more perfect.

Watching at the person sitting next to her, the one tucks his arms in front of his chest staring straight with his poker face. 

“I am thirsty ……” She said to him.

He takes a quick look at her, mutely stands up, grabs a bottle of water from his backpack, twists open the cap and pass it in front of her.

Sitting down, his poker face reminds…….

“I want to eat potato chips……” She said to him again after some time,

He is still mutely getting up, pulls up a bag of potato chips from his backpack, tears it open and gives it to her.

She picks a piece of potato chip up, putting it in her mouth and bites at it sturdily,
Looking at him, he is still sitting with the same pose, with the same expression.

It is an empty bus, the only two passengers are he and she, yes, only two of them in the bus.

It’s so boring.......

She picks up another piece of chip, place it near his lips, he first turns away try to escape it for a bit, but then, taking a look at her later, and he let her slip the chip in his mouth.

After feeding him the third chip, but he still keeps his poker face and silence, she cannot hold her words any longer,
“How long are you going to keep upsetting?”

That is right, the mister who sits next to her is upset, and keeps upsetting,

And the reason is……

He finally faces her, “Have you realize what your fault is?”

She is making faces in her mind, and still does not think it is a big deal.
But looking at his complaining expression clearly sealed on him, *sigh*, Kule, Whoever upset takes the crown,
So, she nodded deeply,

“Then tell me, what you think your fault is?”

She makes great efforts to think, “I’m wrong, I shouldn’t ……. go on a vacation when you are that busy.”
She even gives him a sincere apologized look, with this great effort to show her apology, his anger should subside, right?

“This is what you thought is your fault?” He wrinkles up his forehead,

Wae? This is not the reason?
She carefully sounds out, “Then, is it because …… I didn’t tell you earlier about my vacation plan, you have a hard time arranging your schedule?”

Observing his expression, still have no sign of getting out of his poker face look.

“Then, is it because …… you don’t want to go on vacation? ……”
His expression seems getting deeper, and even twitches at the corner of his lips.

“Then, is it because ……”
She really could not think of anything else,

“Yah, Kim Hyun Joong, this is too much, if you don’t want to come, then don’t come, I didn’t force you to come with me, why are you giving me these poker faces since we met this morning.”
She doesn’t want to be the one soft-spoken and submissive anymore, she also felt that she being put in the wrong.

Part 2

She got some time off these few days, and would like to go on a short trip,

Knowing that he is extremely busy preparing their new album these days, she merely thinks to herself that he would not be able to come with her, might as well letting him concentrate on his work, and that is why she did not tell him about her travelling plan.

As usual, whoever phoned her these two days, she would ask them if they want to travel and enjoy a short vacation with her, but since there is no one available, at last, she decided to go by herself.

Yesterday, she received a call from him, right at the time she picked up her phone, he bluntly asked, “Are you going on a vacation?”

She is feeling puzzled, “Yep, how did you know that?”
“Where are you going?” He did not answer, but to ask another question.

“Haven’t decided yet, would figure it out once I’m on the road.” She answered,
“When are you planning to head off?” He asked again,

“Tomorrow morning after I woke up, what……. ……”
“Doo……Doo……” He hanged up,

What is this ar, she hasn’t even finished her words yet,
This morning, while she is preparing her breakfast,
The doorbell rings.

She opened the door, surprisingly found him at the door, carrying a backpack at his back, he looked casual with sweatpants and hoodie, and he also hand carried a bag which filled with all the snacks and drinks she likes.

He said he is going with her, she is surprised but then again also very happy be able to travel with him.
This is the first trip they have since they started dating, she could not stop smiling for him managing to find free time to come with her.

Maybe she is overwhelmed by the fact that he is coming with her, she did not realize he is not in a good mood, not talking much and giving out his poker faces until they rode on the coach bus heading to Boseong1.

Has been asking him what is wrong, but he only returns her with side-glare without saying a word.

She asked one more time, and this time he gloomily stated, “What do you think?”

With this statement, even the most obtuse person knows he is upset, and most importantly, the person making him upset seems to be her.

Trying hard to start a witty conversation to lift up the spirit, but he is ignoring her and keep giving her those blank and expressionless looks.

The more she thinks about it, the more she feels being mistreated, trying to placate him, she even summon up earnestly what went wrong, and give in first to apologize, what else is he expecting her to do?

HJ rounds his eyes staring at her, and his eyes are filled with resentments.
She is not going to reconcile and staring back at him, wanting to compete on whose eyes are bigger? Kule, she is in, and not backing out, huh!

Continuing staring at each other like eternity, he finally withdraws his gaze and sighs with frustration.

She takes the chance to massage her already sore eyes.

“Why am I upset? You really don’t know why?” He sounds in desperation.
“Those reasons I said just now…….are not right at all?” She looks at him full of uncertainty,

HJ abruptly takes her hand, grinds his teeth and clenches her hand forcefully.
“Ahh……” She mewls out,
“What’re you doing?” It really hurts,

She tries to draw her hand from his clench, but he keeps a firm hand and not letting her goes even a tiny bit.

“Why didn’t you tell me you want to go on vacation?” He stares at her said.
“You’re extremely busy preparing the new album, I thought……you don’t……have time……” Under his intense and sharp stare, her heart flutters, and she starts to mumble and gutlessly stutters.

“Shouldn’t I be the one who decided if I have time off or not?” He said it in his flat tone,

She nods, if this is the cause, kule, she would count this as the reason upsetting him, even so, is he necessary to upset for that long?
But she did not voice her thought out, flatteringly blunt out, “I’m wrong …….”
“What’s more ……” 

What?! There’s more, “What’s more?” She asked amusingly.
“If I didn’t come today, who would be travelling with you today?” He kept his flat tone.

“Whoever called me the past two days, I just asked them if they wanted to travel with me or not, but to all the people I asked, no one is available, so, I planed to travel by myself.” She honestly tells him. She has been doing this kind of travelling plan for several years now, there is no need to hide.

“I got it if you only asked the ladies, how dare you even ask the guys too?” He furrowed his brows, and his eyes are flaming in anger.

“How did you know?”
She indeed asked several of her close buddies, they used to hang out like brothers or sisters, that is not a big deal, by the way, how did he find this out?

“Would you R E A L L Y planning to travel with the guys?”
His furious killer glare stares straight at her, no matter how lack of judgment she was, she would not say ‘she would’ at this moment.

Nattering and Stuttering, “No……Nope…….”

He intensively looks at her for awhile,
“From now on, you tell me first if you want to go on vacation, never go with any guy, don’t even ask, arraso?!” His tone is so determined that no negotiation is allowed.

“Arraso.” HB answered him in demoralized and daunting tone,

It is obvious that she is the nuna here, why would it always be him keep a tight rein on her? She could not even articulate out her refuting words.

“Shouldn’t you calm down now? This is our first vacation ne, take a look at the view outside, isn’t it refreshing?” She is trying to make up with him, clasping his arm with hers,

Hardly find a chance travelling together, she does not want to waste any time falling into a rage.

He pampers her stroking her hair, and snuggle her closer with his arm, finally, revealing his bright smile.

“I’m really curious, how did you find out my plan going on vacation? Who did you heard it from?” She still cannot restrain herself from asking,

He condescendingly stares at her, “Come what may, anyway I know-how to find out……..”

No matter how hard she tried, trying all the tricks she knew, he still not slipping out a word, she despondently gave up in the end.


End Note:

1 Boseong – Boseong County (Boseong-gun) is a county in South Jeolla Province, South Korea. Boseong is famous for its green tea leaves. For more information, click HERE (Credit to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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