Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh My Lady 2nd Episode

Knowing that her chance to get a job at Show Company were slims KH decides to give a try after confirming with Shin Joo the Show CEO that if she managed to get MW on their musical she will be hire.

SHe started with looking for every details she might get about MW and point out the pros and cons of MW currently carrier from people point of view... thanks to her experience as a reporter she still have the skills ^^

Meanwhile, Shin Joo (Show Company CEO) try to convince MW on his own. And after some introduction both actually known each other. From their conversation it was clear enough that MW is one of SJ ex-student known with lack acting skills and bad discipline.

The immature MW seems to enjoy the situations. He loves the idea of being the one with power to decides.
Knowing that SJ desperately needs him to be one of the musical actors he accept the script with no intentions to read it. It was easy for him to make it sound polite by saying "I'll let my manager check on them"...

Let's meet another character.... this is Jung Ah (Moon Jung-hee) a successful choreographer. She have a strong character, her dances and moves will attract you to know her better. (Actually I like her character... she shows the other sides of women... No I'm not saying I like the way she behave just her character... the strong & honest side)

She is involve in a relationship with one of her colleagues... what's wrong with that?
She happened to be married to someone else.

Meet the husband. 
SJ the CEO of Show Company is the 1st man in JA life... 
Looking from afar... both are sophisticated and a very compatible couple. 

But the perfect look were only from their look. The truth is they have no sign of affections.
They talk more like a business partner rather than husband and wife.

KH decides to meet MW but bump into a dramatic event between a guard and a reporter
who previously shows up on MW fan event.

The guard shows no sign of letting anyone in. He won't budge even an inch for the reporter.
But when KH approached him he hold her but then let her in because of her previous work as MW's maid.

At the front door, KH practice her speech and suddenly the door is opened,
 MW show a sweet smile and invite KH in.

Not knowing what waiting ahead KH confidently get herself in. MW shove her his shirt with a hole on it to KH and ring the bell on KH heads that the hole thing is part of her false. KH apologizes and promises to replace the shirt.

KH decides to introduce her self again to MW as an intern from Show company and started talking about MW acting and musical. The result is... MW kick her out.

As expected, KH as an ajumma. She just can't give up. KH shove her self in MW's car and started reminding him about his desire to succeed for his acting rather than his look like what he stated in his recent interview. She leaves him with her proposal. 

But what do KH have to expect from someone like MW. He throw out the proposal without even reading it and leaves KH with frustrated feelings.

KH check on the shirt that she promises MW to replace it. The price is not acceptable for KH but to look a different shirt with a same style wasn't that easy. 
she end up buying it even with unsatisfied feelings.

When you're down who else would you turn to... 
of coz KH will find her best friend Bok Nim. 
As her friend BN advice her to give up with the idea...
To get MW wasn't as easy task for her and to be hire by Show Company itself sound unrealistic...

I like how they describe this kind of friendship. 
Friend wasn't just about comforting you but also telling the truth. 

KH meet her daughter and handed her the fees that she promised.
Min Ji is a considerate one. Love her character.
The bond between mother and daughter... they show 
how they understand each other. And KH as a mother is a wonderful mom.
She only speak nice thing to her even when she don't agree with it.

I was taken away by work and stuff so I hardly put up the screen cap. but I'll try... in a very slow kind of way... but will try ^^

Will be continue...

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