Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cinderella's Sister Lead The First Airing.

It was a unique situation for the Wed-Thus prime time timeslot on March 31st as competing dramas from SBS, MBC and KBS2TV all started with Episode 1 for the first time in months. With this situation, many were wondering which drama would come out on top after the first episode yesterday.

The winner was announced to be KBS2TV’s Cinderella’s Sister as it obtained a rating of 15.8% according to AGB Nielsen Korea. MBC’s Personal Taste was second with 12.5% while SBS’s Prosecutor Princess came in third with 8.0%.
Will this situation continue for the next few weeks? We will have to wait and see.

Credit Source: allkpop

* The reason why I'm watching Cinderella's Sister has nothing to do with Taecyeon. I've been always waiting for Moon Geun Young. Without Taecyeon I'll still watch Cinderella's Sister. But can't help keep thinking Bout Personal Taste at the same time. 

Argh!!! it feels like I'm cutting myself into half when it comes to this kind of situation... Prosecutor Princess? hmmm not enough promotion from them so it not weird if they got 8% but still i think the cast look great. Maybe I should check on them.

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