Monday, April 11, 2011

Shillang, I'm Always Happy With You

Right after Hwang Bo was done cracking his knuckles, Hyun Joong turned around on the sofa to face her. He grabbed her left hand at the wrist. Hyun Joong carefully traced the lines on her palm. 

Hwang Bo narrowed her eyes to look at him doubtfully. She bit her lower lips. Hwang Bo had no clue what Hyun Joong was doing but his finger tickled. She was tempted to pull away her hands but Hyun Joong was holding her wrist firmly. Every time Hwang Bo pulled her hand, Hyun Joong would tighten his grip. Hwang Bo gave up after a few tries. She giggled whenever Hyun Joong's touches tickled her.

"Why do you keep moving?" Hyun Joong suddenly moved his stare from her palm to glare at Hwang Bo. 

"It tickles!" she answered. "What are you doing?" She finally asked the question in her head out loud. She reached for the pillow on the floor and put in on her lap.

"I'm reading your palm."

Hwang Bo looked both stunned and excited when she heard the answer. "Really? You know how to do this?" She became animated in a sudden.

Hyun Joong shook his head. "No. I'm pretending I can read palm." 

Upon hearing his honest confession, Hwang Bo threw her head backward. She started to laugh and slap him on his knees. She pouted at him.

Hyun Joong grinned gleefully. He let go of her wrist. Just like giving her the massage, the palm reading was another excuse to have skinship with her. Mission accomplished, he told himself silently. How he wished the crew members would leave them alone. He really wanted to have a chat with Hwang Bo without being filmed. "Buin, lend me your handphone," he requested. 

Without asking anything, Hwang Bo complied with his request. Hyun Joong was very random. Hwang Bo had long ago given up trying to predict what he would be doing next. She reached behind her to get the handphone she left on the sofa when he massaged her on the floor earlier. She gave it to him. 

A few seconds later, when they were both sitting side by side on the sofa in silence, Hyun Joong's handphone beeped. He reached out for it which was in his pocket. Without taking his eyes off Hwang Bo's handphone in his hand, he gave his to Hwang Bo.

"What should I do?" Hwang Bo asked, flabbergasted. She took the handphone from him anyway. "Who send you text message?" she asked again, feeling unsure of what to do. Hyun Jong was quiet and did not say anything to her. His expression was very cold. It made Hwang Bo felt uneasy. When she looked at message, it was a message from her number. Hwang Bo glanced sideway. Hyun Joong was playing with her handphone. Did he send her the text message? Hwang Bo wondered. 

"Hwang Buin, if we sit like this is silence do you think the crew will leave us alone?" 

Hwang Bo brought her hand to her mouth, trying to cover her smile with the back on her hand when she read the message. She put Hyun Joong's handphone on silence mood before she replied to his message. "Why do you want them to leave?"

"I want to be alone with Hwang Buin." Hyun Joong too had put Hwang Bo's handphone in silence mood. The moment of long silence prolonged as they exchanged text messages. 

"Why do you want to be alone with me?"

"It's nicer to chat without other people watching and listening. ^-^"

"Like a secret date??"

"Totally. It's awkward when there are many people around us."

Hwang Bo glanced briefly at the camera in front of them. She then bent forward and buried her face in the pillow. She tried not to make any sound as she laughed but her shoulders were shaking vigorously. As tempted as she was to whack Hyun Joong for being cute like this, she has to play along with him to create the awkward atmosphere.

Hyun Joong glanced at Hwang Bo. His deadpan look really hid the truth that he too wanted to join her laughing. He stared at the top of her head buried on the pillow while typing his next message. "Don't laugh. A few more minutes like this, they will wrap up." Hyun Joong started to play with Hwang Bo's handphone. He leaned back on the sofa and stretched his hands, holding the handphone away from himself. Secretly, he snapped a self photo. Then he set the photo as Hwang Bo's wallpaper. He also sent the same photo to his own handphone which was with Hwang Bo.

Hwang Bo saw Hyun Joong's self photo. "I thought you said you can't do this kind of cheesy thing?"

"I can't but these people don't want to go away."

"Cut!" the assistant PD suddenly shouted. "Let's wrap up here," he continued. He failed to notice the smile on his stars' face when he said cut. He only noticed the long awkward silence which did not seem to be interesting for the show. If they continue to shoot, it would end up edited out anyway.

Hwang Bo got up from the sofa. "Are we done?" she asked, stretching her hands upwards.

"No. The Ant Couple still have activity," explained the assistant PD. The assistant PD for the Ant Couple had just told him that the Ant Couple had a surprise for the other couples.

Hwang Bo fell back on the sofa. She was very tired. Her day started as early as 4.00AM for Mature music video. It was almost midnight. What else did the Ant Couple prepared for the trip? She turned to Hyun Joong and patted his knees. "I'm going in to change," she told him.

Hyun Joong nodded. He watched her until her back disappeared into the room. Then he just sat there, watching the crew members packing their equipments and headed downstairs for a short break. Hyun Joong played with Hwang Bo's handphone again while waiting for her. He changed her ringing tone to one of SS501's singles. 'Find' to be exact. Then he changed the wallpaper to another self photo he took. This time he tried to look cute for her. But he knew he failed miserably. He really was not good in doing cheesy thing.

Hwang Bo changed into more comfortable clothes and walked out to the living room. There was only Hyun Joong there, lying on the sofa. All the crew members have left. "They left?" she asked the very obvious question.

Hyun Joong got up and nodded his head. "Hhhmm.."

"Are you happy now?" Hwang Bo teased him as she sat next to him.

"Very happy," replied Hyun Joong with a grin. He placed both his and her handphones on the coffee table, besides the remote controls. "Buin, I talk more now than before, right?" he asked, sounding very proud of his achievement.

Hwang Bo threw her head backward as she laughed. Hyun Joong sounded so proud of himself. "Yes. You talk even more when we are alone," she told him. "Congratulation," she teased him with a wide smile.

"No, it's not like that," Hyun Joong started his explanation. "I'm not talkative with many people. I only talk a lot when I'm comfortable with that person."

"You are comfortable with me, right?"

"Yes. Even if we are with other people, as long as we are together, I feel comfortable," he confessed.

Hwang Bo smiled. Happiness reflected in that smile. That one sentence explained a lot of the random things he did today. He suddenly broke the long silence in the bus by suggesting 3-6-9 game. He was able to converse with the other couples during dinner. He treated her nice when they were with the other or when they were alone; on and off camera. "Shillang, thank you. Talking with you like this, really make me happy."

"Orh.. You'll be happier when you saw you wallpaper," he said. He quickly picked up Hwang Bo's handphone. His smile was certainly flaunting. 

Hwang Bo threw fits of laughter when she saw his self taken photo, winking his eyes and cringing his nose, trying to look cute. Sometimes, Hyun Joong was just too unpredictable for her to handle. Sometimes, she wished her heart stopped beating too loud. One day, she feared, Hyun Joong would hear it too. She lowered her head, bringing her palm to cup her cheek as she hid her smile. Her Shillang was the only one person who could make her felt and blushed like a little girl. No one else.

- end -

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