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Fanfic HBHJ: Noona, I Will Think About You

She was told to meet up with Hyun Joong outside the Ssangchu Couple's house for their next mission. She knew she was late when she saw Hyun Joong practicing one of his dance routines while the We Got Married crew members busy chatting among themselves. It was as if they had been waiting for quite some time. She had just come back from shooting photo shoots for her Mature music video. She did not even have time to change. Hwang Bo gritted her teeth and smile faintly. Hyun Joong would surely make a fuss about her short skirt. She chuckled as she walked towards the group.

Hyun Joong immediately stopped dancing when he spotted Hwang Bo coming towards them. He danced a lot in between breaks of We Got Married because he felt bad he did not practice with his members when they have practice sessions. He saw how Hwang Bo politely saying hello to everyone and bowing at the same time. She apologized to them for being late. She always created a pleasant and warm atmosphere when she was at the set. Hyun Joong liked that about her.

"Noona, you are not late," Hyun Joong told her after replying Hwang Bo's greeting. "We are waiting for another couple," he explained. 

"Really?" asked Hwang Bo, looking surprised. Her eyes dilated at the unexpected news. She turned around, looking for the PD. When the PD mouthed "Ant Couple" to her, she nodded her head, gesturing she understood him. "Orh.." she then said softly. 

"Noona, I'm nervous," Hyun Joong told Hwang Bo. He loved to call her all the time. Noona this and Noona that. Even if it was not necessary. Even if was just to start a small conversation. Just as much as he loved to call her Buin this and Buin that while filming. 

Hwang Bo frowned, looking at Hyun Joong in confusion. "Why? Why are you nervous? We are filming like usual, right?" Hwang Bo looked around her. She noticed that the camera had not start to roll. Although she was disappointed it would be a mission with another couple, she was glad the other couple was Ant Couple. "You are familiar with Crown J and In Young, right?" she asked, sounding concern about Hyun Joong who was unable to adjust quickly with strangers. 

Hyun Joong waved his hands in front of him, gesturing his denial. "No. No. That's not it," Hyun Joong emphasized. "I saw the schedule given by my manager yesterday. It seems that I'll be meeting Noona almost every day for filming after this."

Hwang Bo was silent for a few seconds, thinking about the schedule she received a few days ago. They would have filming one day after another. She was told it was to make up for the time Hyun Joong would not be around filming for his debut drama. "Arh.. So you are nervous about that? But.." Hwang Bo looked upset when she realized she was the reason for Hyun Joong being nervous. "I thought we are not awkward now?"

"No, not awkward. Nervous. Nervous," Hyun Joong clarified. Although he was ecstatic with the schedule, he realized cramping the filming such as this meant only one thing he would not be able to see Hwang Bo for a long time. That was the reason why he was nervous. Filming We Got Married with Hwang Bo was something he really looked forward to. It would be weird not seeing her in the future.

At that moment, a bus slowed down from far and looked like it was about to pull over at where they were waiting. The PD shouted at everyone to get in the bus. "Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo get in first! Crew members, please avoid the camera," the PD reminded his crew. The space inside the bus was smaller than when the crew worked in the couples' house or public places. Thus avoiding being film with the cast was easy before. It would be a hard task now since there was nowhere to hide in a bus except maybe behind the seats. 

Hyun Joong sighed. There were more things he wanted to say to Hwang Bo before filming started. However, there were too many people around them. Hyun Joong warily glanced behind them. He absentmindedly, grasped onto Hwang Bo's elbow, nudging her to move a few paces away from the crew. 

Hwang Bo was taken by surprise with the nudge. She looked at Hyun Joong's hand on her elbow. Then she tilted her head up to stare at him. She followed at where his gaze was. He was staring at the crew. "Hyun Joong ah.." Hwang Bo managed to say that after overcoming her surprise.

Hyun Joong turned towards Hwang Bo upon hearing his name being called. "Hhmm?" he asked. He then realised what he did. "I.." he blushed a bit, rearranging his hair with his index finger. "Noona, I have something to say."

"Actually, Hyun Joong ah.. Noona also have something to say."

Immediately, Hyung Joong exclaimed, "Rock, paper, scissor!" And Hwang Bo spontaneously responded to it. Rock versus scissor, Hyun Joong won over Hwang Bo. "I'll say it first," Hyun Joong immediately said, feeling both excited and nervous. "Noona, you are my style. I like it that you are my style."

Hwang Bo flinched. Her forehead wrinkled. She tilted her head to glance at Hyun Joong. She bit her lower lip. She could not read Hyun Joong's expression. What he could possible mean by she was his style? Hwang Bo could hear her own hear beats at that particular moment.

"We will both be very busy in the future," Hyun Joong carefully continued to say. He glanced sideways and hid his smile when noticing Hwang Bo's expression. She must be very startled when he had said she was his style. "Noona, even now you are running here and there for performances in between filming," Hyun Joong pointed out with a sad tone. He noticed the short skirt. She was all dressed up. He was told she was filming her music video today. She was all smiles but he noticed tiredness in her eyes.

Upon hearing the tone, Hwang Bo smile shyly. She tilted her head again, trying to steal a glance at Hyun Joong's expression again. "Let's do a bet. In the future, when we are busy.." she paused for a while as if thinking. "Whoever calls first, will cook dinner for the other person. Agree?"

"Why?" His forehead wrinkled like elephant skin. He looked a bit lost too. "Why this bet? Noona, of course I will call you first. I'll be happy to cook dinner for you. You will not call me first because you don't want to cook dinner for me?"

"Hyun Joong ah.. Since we will both be very busy.." Hwang Bo let her sentence trailed, leaving Hyun Joong anticipated the reason. "We'll not have time to think about the other person.."

"No. I will have time to think about you." 

Hyun Joong's prompt denial put a wide smile on Hwang Bo's face. She pretended not to hear him. "The one who thinks about the other person first must be the least busy one. That person can then spend time cooking dinner." 

Although Hyun Joong had a blank look on his face, he nodded his head at Hwang Bo's explanation. "I hope you will not forget to.. Remember me in the future," replied Hyun Joong

Hwang Bo sighed. "I thought we both said 'Saranghae?' We both decided to stay? Why are we discussing this?" She sounded unhappy at the direction of the conversation. 

"I'm preparing for when the hard time comes," he replied, jokingly. "Noona, I also have something else to say." Hyun Joong put his hands on his chest. He was feeling very nervous. "Aish! Noona, I'm going crazy."

"Why? What did I do?"

"Noona, please count for me," he requested.

Hwang Bo threw her head backward and almost fell on her knees, laughing at him. The things he wanted to tell her seemed to make him really nervous. "1, 2, 3!"

"Noona, I like you. I think, I even.. Aish!! Noona, saranghae." As quick as he said that, he added. "Argh! It's so embarrassing to say this." He glanced behind him. He still looked wary about the crew behind them. "But I have to ascertain what I said in the private interview to you."

Hwang Bo had expected him to tell her not to forget to take care of herself thus she was surprise. If she was not as embarrassed as Hyun Joong she would have teased him and asked, "What's so embarrassing about telling someone you love her?" But her face was as red as a tomato when she heard him. 

"Hyun Joong! Hwang Bo!" 

Both of them turned around at the same time towards the PD.

The PD gestured them to get ready as the bus pulled over and stopped by the roadside. A few crew members started to run towards them to start filming.

"Noona, don't forget what I told you," Hyun Joong reminded Hwang Bo in low tone just before the crew reached them. As they walked towards the awaiting bus, Hyun Joong tried to steal a glance at Hwang Bo. She was all smiling, touching her cheek at one point. Hyun Joong too, smiled; feeling satisfied he managed to put a smile on Hwang Bo's face with his little confession.
- end -

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  1. this is just too sweet.. i miss them so much.. i wish more stories about them... #wishlist