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Fanfic HBHJ: Shillang, Please Stay Married To Me

* I wish I can update the fanfic more... geez I have a lot of things on mind now... but I'll definitely trying my best to update this more...  죄송합니다  :(

After they wrapped up the filming of Couple's Farewell Vacation mission, Hyun Joong left the house he shared with Hwang Bo in silent. Ever since they opened the mission envelope, he was in daze. The divorce came unexpected to them.

There were many things he has not done for Hwang Bo yet. Although he would randomly said things to her and most people would take it as a joke due to his 4D personality, but he always meant what he said.

Hwang Bo was annoyed when he left her alone to fold his first paper crane before he left to work in Japan. He told her 1000 paper cranes symbolized a true love that would be forever. He worked hard for the five paper cranes gift he prepared for her at the beach when they went for vacation with Alex and Shin Ae. He worked harder to fill up his guitar case with more paper crane for Hwang Bo's birthday. Of course, his members had offered to help him with it.

He did not mean to break his promise playing Bogoshipda on the piano for her. He just did not expect Hwang Bo would finish knitting his scarf so quickly. In fact, he was secretly learning the piano score ever since he received the scarf. He was learning it at a very slow pace due to his hectic schedule. Nevertheless, he made that promise and he would definitely play the song on piano for Hwang Bo no matter how long it would take him to learn.

But after today's mission filming, Hyun Joong realised he did not have all the time he needed to learn the piano score.

Hyun Joong heaved a sigh of frustration when he recalled more promises he had not fulfil for Hwang Bo. The Japanese dish he promised to learn for Hwang Bo. The ring inside the side dish she mentioned during their honeymoon BBQ in Jeju Island. It was brought up again when they drank soju at their home just now.

He went to bed that night regretting the time they did not spend together, the thing they did not do together, the word he did not say to her.

The PD had told the couples not to speak to each other before they filmed the private interview. Hyun Joong however quietly moved towards Hwang Bo just before she entered the black room. "Noona," he called her softly. "Sorry."

Hwang Bo stared at him with confusion written all over her face.

Hyun Joong shyly touched the bridge of his nose. He managed to give Hwang Bo a weak smile. "I didn't do a lot of things I promised you. Sorry."

The air surrounding them was so gloomy. Hwang Bo could feel the regret in Hyun Joong's voice. She smiled and patted his arms. "It's OK." In any other circumstances, Hwang Bo would say something else to cheer him up. But at this moment, she could not even cheer herself up, let alone cheering Hyun Joong. Before Hyun Joong could see the sad expression on her face, Hwang Bo hastily stepped into the black room.

Since she got married to her little groom, Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo felt blessed. She could not speak for Hyun Joong's behalf. She did not know whether he also felt blessed as her. She knew she was. Her fan base had grown. She received love from Hyun Joong's fan too. The marriage helped her in promoting her singles with interviews and performances. She had the chance to experience love again. The marriage, as fake as it was, brought happiness to her. She was devastated it had to end.

She thought the interview had ended. Then the PD suddenly told her, "We will give the Ssangchu couple one more chance. After the last mission, if you feel you still want to stay married to Hyun Joong, just say 'I love you'. If you want to leave, say 'I'm sorry.' It's your choice. And Hyun Joong's too."

Hwang Bo was stunned. It took her a few eye blinks to understand what the PD told her. She played with her hair and tilted her head backward in disbelief. "Arh.." she sighed. "This is ridiculous." She started to rub her neck against her palm. This was too much. Playing with her emotion like this was too much for her to take. After saying goodbye to Hyun Joong and enduring the sorrow of the parting, suddenly she was told she could choose to stay married to Hyun Joong. "I love him," she muttered it lowly. She wanted to stay married to her little groom.

"What do you think Hyun Joong's answer will be?" the PD asked her.

"Looking at him today, I hope that he has the same feeling as me," she answered, pausing a little because she was not convinced Hyun Joong would give the same answer. She smiled anyway, trying to look confident. She prayed hard Hyun Joong's answer would be the same as hers. However she has no confidence he would want to stay.

"What do you think Hwang Bo's answer will be?" the PD asked him.

"Hwang Buin?" he asked. Then he smiled, moving around on his seat the way he often observed Hwang Bo did. "I think she'll say 'I love him' like this," he said, imitating Hwang Bo when she mumbled. His smile widened. "I know, she's someone like me. I'm 100% sure." It was hard to believe the farewell mission was not really a farewell. He was ecstatic about the thought of seeing her again.

"Are you very certain? What if she said 'I'm sorry?' She did her interview before you so I already knew her answer," said the PD, trying to fish a reaction from Hyun Joong.

As the PD asked him the question, Hyun Joong started to list down into priority which promise he would materialize for his Hwang Buin first. "The moment she says 'I'm sorry' I'll leave the studio, kicking," he honestly answered with a chuckle at the end.

"What is your answer then? Is it 'I love you' or 'I'm sorry?' What are you going to tell Hwang Bo?"

Hyun Joong was still grinning when he answered, "Honestly, I've never even said this twenty times since birth. When I was a child or at kindergarten, I'd say it when I was told to." He looked down, playing with his fingers, after making that confession. "So all I need to do is just say 'I love her'?" he asked the PD for clarification. He paused briefly when the PD nodded his head. "Yes. I love her," he added, smiling shyly at the confession.

- the end -

credit to chonsa @ All Seoul'd Out for the transcript of the private interview.

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