Saturday, August 28, 2010

Xiao-Xiao Bin Sells Himself To Bury Jiro Wang

Xiao Xiao Bin, the most adorable and popular child-star in Taiwan, outshined the adults once again. In the brand new “performance class” segment on Jacky Wu’s latest variety show, Super King (綜藝大國民), Xiao Xiao Bin showed off his acting skills and stole everyone’s spotlight even when he was only acting as a passerby. 

In one of the skits, Jiro Wang was supposed to act as a son who had just lost his father, but the role was snatched away by Xiao Xiao Bin. Jiro, who celebrated his birthday on the set that day, was reduced to acting as Xiao Xiao Bin’s father. Xiao Xiao Bin, who did not have enough money to bury his idol father, wore the tag, “賣身葬父” (which means to sell yourself for money to bury your father). Jiro made the most out of his role and lay across the floor like a model on a foldout page, pretending to be Xiao Xiao Bin’s deceased father. 

Jacky Wu made fun of Xiao Xiao Bin, “You even dare to take on the role of ‘selling yourself to bury father’? When you go home, (your father) Xiao Bin Bin will definitely give you a good spanking!” Xiao Xiao Bin, realizing the seriousness, replied, “I don’t want to play this role anymore.” But the moment they shouted, “Camera!” Xiao Xiao Bin got into his character right away and his tears flowed non-stop as he mourned for his deceased idol father Jiro.

Source: UDN 

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