Friday, August 27, 2010

Yoo Seung-ho To Return To Small Screen in October

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho will be returning to the small screen in October as the male lead in an upcoming drama. 

An industry source told Sports Today over the phone, "It has been confirmed that Yoo Seung-ho has been cast for the new MBC weekend drama tentatively titled 'You Only Love a Girl Once in Your Life.'" 

The official added that the show's producer will make an official announcement in early September. 

"Girl," to also star Korean actress Shin Eun-kyoung, is a 50-part series about the legacy of a son of a conglomerate family. It is written by famed scenarist Jung Ha-youn, whose works include "The Last Empress," "La Dolce Vita" and "Sindon." 

Yoo made his debut at the early age of 10, starring in the MBC TV series "Daddy Fish" (2000) and his film debut in "The Way Home" (2002). He has appeared in numerous dramas including "Love Letter" (MBC, 2003), "Queen Seon-duk" (MBC, 2009) and "Master of Study" (KBS2, 2010) and movie "Don't Tell Papa" (2004) and "Unforgettable" (2008). 

He recently released a digital single with Korean songstress IU titled "I Believe in Love," which has fared well on various music charts since its release in early August. 

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