Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh Man Seok & Jo An Break Up

Actors Oh Man-seok and Jo An broke up last fall, ending close to two years of dating which many had hoped would see a happy ending. 

The news came from an official with Jo's agency Bless Entertainment who also told 10Asia over the phone on Tuesday that they were not aware of their parting until reading of it in a report earlier in the day. 

"But they broke up on good terms so please do not have any ill perspectives on them," the official added. 

Oh and Jo had admitted to have started dating around May of last year after developing feelings for each other while working on KBS TV series "Jolly Widows" in late 2009. 

Oh, 36, has appeared in various plays, musicals, films and television dramas including "The Vineyard Man" (KBS2, 2006), "The King and I" (SBS, 2007).and "Road No.1" (MBC, 2010).

He is set to appear in KBS drama "Wild Romance," starring actors Lee Dong-wook and Lee Si-young, starting tomorrow. 

Jo, 29, has starred in several notable movies and dramas including "Seoul 1945" (KBS1, 2006), "Chosun Police" (MBC, 2005) and "Land" (SBS, 2004). 

She currently appears in cable channel OCN's popular investigative series "TEN."

Source: asiae

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