Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ko Soo makes sudden wedding announcement

Actor Ko Soo recently announced through his fansite that he would be getting married soon.

Ko and his fiance Kim, who is eleven years his junior, will get married on February 17 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

On January 11, Ko announced his wedding in a posted a note on his fansite. Ko and Kim first met in 2008, and have been dating for three years.

Ko said, “I’m writing this note because I wanted to tell you the happy news first before other people find out. I am getting married.”

He added, “Whenever I heard lovely stories about how you are living, I imagined setting up my own house. I met a girl in 2008. We didn’t express our feelings to each other for a long time but we realized that we wanted to be with each other and became a couple. We believe in each other more than any one else in the world, so we decided to be together for forever.”

Since Ko’s fiance is not a celebrity, he is worried about how she will feel when she receive too much attention. He said, “I know it is a burden on a non-celebrity to be exposed to the public. That’s why I couldn’t tell you earlier. I hope you understand me greatheartedly.”

He added, “You have supported me since I first said that I’m dating someone. Thanks to you, I could bring this to a good result. I believe that you will always support me in the future. I will do my best as an actor and as a husband to pay my love back to you.”

Ko’s fiance is a student of K? Art University. She has been famous before as the most beautiful girl in S? art high school.

Source: TV Report

Other news:

Actor Ko Soo (34) will marry a college student 11 years his junior on Feb. 17 in a private ceremony, his agency BH Entertainment said on Wednesday. According to a press release, Ko first met his bride-to-be, a 23-year-old art student, in 2008 and they have been dating ever since.

"As Ko Soo will start shooting his new movie in March, they moved the wedding date forward," the agency said. 

On Wednesday morning, prior to the announcement, Ko posted a message about his wedding plans on his fan site, revealing that he fell in love with a woman in 2008 and they both immediately knew they had found their perfect match.

"We decided to be together our entire lives because we trust and depend on each other more than anyone else," he said.

Since Ko made his debut in a music video in 1998, he has appeared in a number of TV dramas and movies such as "The White Night" and "The Front Line."

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