Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Thoughts on: 71: Into The Fire

I don't know what takes me so long to watch this movie. If only I know how it makes me feel after watching it I wouldn't delay it this long. 

This is an excellent movie. A true story based on 71 student soldier who fight on Korean War. The 71 student who successfully delayed the march of North Korean soldier for 11 hours. They might not the one who stop the North Korean but they've played an important role in that war. 

The special effect did makes it look realistic but how the story developed and focusing on the 71 students is what grabbing my attention. How they developed their bond while fighting together, how they resolves their problems, how they become 1, how they followed the order without any guides, how one become a leader... this is what makes it an excellent movie. The way they didn't miss lead the story line makes it great.

Choi Seung-hyeon aka TOP (최승현) as student soldier general, Oh Jang-beom. A teenagers who suddenly become a leader to a group of 70 students. He have to fight his own fears and becoming fearless for his platoon. With his pure heart he leads the groups and become even stronger for them. 

TOP's acting skills is remarkable. It is hard to believe that he don't really have a longer script, I realize that he speak less but his action makes you understand him. I think TOP represent Oh Jang Beom well. A teenager who have a lot of fear but yet can't even tell it, a teenager who keep missing his mom and write to her everyday knowing that he might not be able to meet her again, Oh Jang Beom is just a boy who have to be strong and fight for his country and TOP makes us realize that.


Kwon Sang Woo as Koo Kap Jo the trouble maker. One thing for sure, it is amazing how Kwon Sang Woo can still bring out the teenagers in him. Koo Kap Jo is a rebellious teenagers, he can't stand with people who have the communist label around them. His friend is his family, loosing one makes him goes insane. He always pick a fight with Oh Jang Beom, but indirectly he show his loyal to the leader and the group. He is a real fighter, who believe it is better to survive than to die but in the end he knows where he stand.

Kim Seung Woo as Kang Seok Dae. He is a general with a very warm heart. He wants to take care of everyone. He is indeed a great actor. Sorry nothing much to say about his character, but he feels like a father to everyone around him and that makes his role important to me.


Cha Seung-won as North Korean army general, Park Moo-rang. Since this is a South Korean movie, we have to believe that he is the bad guy. Again, I have nothing much to say about his role. 

I'll re-write about it when I can figure it out ^^

Overall, it is a worth watching movie. Love it!

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