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My Thoughts On: Me Too, Flower!

Episode Ratings: 

2011-11-1747.710.2 (16th)
2011-12-0186.79.3 (20th)
2011-12-28156.48.4 (18th)

Source: TNmS Media Korea

If people ask me, what will I recommend them to watch... I'll definitely says 'Me Too, Flower!'

At first I've a doubt about this drama, looking at the rating and my bad habit of reading a reviews makes it even worse. Watching this drama gives me a clear vision of it, now I wonder what is wrong with those reviews and ratings? this drama is so underrated. If I'm going to compare it to some crappy drama I've watch back then on 2011 this is definitely the best. 

Some bloggers even stated that this drama is the 2011 hidden gem, and I cannot not agreeing with her. While others watch what have been popularized by some marketing news, this drama gains just a little attention from everyone. I wonder if the reason for being so underrated is because of Lee Ji Ah's scandals... wah~ that is so childish. 

Reason why you have to watch this drama is, the line of actors, Yoon Si Yoon, Lee Ji Ah, Seo Hyo Rim, Ha Go Eun, and Jo Min Ki. The list goes on and every one of them is a strong character with a great chemistry. 

The fact that Yoon Si Yoon look pretty young for the role of Seo Jae Hee did gives me a second thought, but after watching him in this new character I guess being a replacement wasn't a bad idea at all. I wonder how will Kim Jae Won display Seo Jae Hee... will I think the same now? When other think he look too young for his character, I look it in a different way, the way he talks, the words he says, his eyes and the ways he walks... he is much more matured than that.

Lee Ji Ah who just came out from her hiding prove that she's not just a flower, she is pretty and talented as well. The way she portrays Cha Bong Sun the bad temper, sometimes sweet, sometimes irritating, sometimes lovely, she owns all the emotions but keep it inside her makes her looks cold and just a bad temper cop. I like how Cha bong Sun slowly open up, even when she says no the way she react show us her hidden words. 

Other characters makes the story goes on, actually there is no bad character, everyone just want to survive, even  in the name of love, everyone want to to be love. Since it ends beautifully, the rating doesn't matter anymore, sometimes I just hope I can keep both Jae Hee and Bong Sun in my diaries, so there is no end for their love story.

The story started slow but slow doesn't mean it's bad. Overall, I love it! 

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