Saturday, January 7, 2012

’1 Night 2 Days’ season 2 to retain the current format

The current ’1 Night 2 Days’ follow up program, ’1 Night 2 Days’ season 2 is starting to take form.

According to an insider in KBS, “For season 2 of ’1 Night 2 Days’, the potential program format that’s receiving the most support is keeping the current format. The name of the show ’1 Night 2 Days’ might actually be changed to something different, but the format in general will be kept the same”.

The insider continued, “There were many different opinions and ideas for season 2, but in the end it’s very hard to ignore the love and the interest of the viewers for the original format, so it looks as though they are keeping the original format”.

In the mean time, the production team for ’1 Night 2 Days’ season two are keeping their lips sealed about the details of the season 2 preparation. Actors Oh Ji Ho and Kim Sung Soo, singers Sung Shi Kyungand Yoo Hee Yeol, and actor + singer Kim Hyun Joong are currently in the talks for season 2, but none of their casting have been confirmed yet. Also, the number of cast members and which of the current members would be on season 2 has not been decided yet either.

Another KBS insider stated, “Naturally they are threading very carefully because the current ’1 Night 2 Days’ is still being aired”, and suggested a very cautious stance of the season 2 production team.

The current ’1 Night 2 Days’ program has only 3 scheduled filming remaining. The program will end on February and season 2 is expected to premier soon after.

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