Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baek Ji Young & Jeong Seok Won is dating

Singer Baek Ji-young is in relationship with an actor nine years her junior. Jeong Seok-won is also well known for having served in the Marine Corps.

The two met through an acquaintance and have been romantically involved since last fall. Baek's management agency said, "Baek and Jeong have recently been busy with their own work, so we had to approach the topic very cautiously. The two are Happy Together, so we ask fans to support them".

Baek released an album recently, and Jeong is waiting to appear in a new weekend TV drama series on MBC.

Source : Chosun ( English Korean )

*Yay! to this couple... I'm definitely going to root for older-younger couple for the sake of Joongbo hahaha
Well wish them happiness... 

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