Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daesung Big Bang is under investigation

Daesung one of the Big Bang members is under investigation for his involvement in a car accident that resulted death. 

According to police, Daesung, 22, was driving his car on Tuesday at 1:28 am when he ran into a taxi and motorcyclist at the end of Yanghwa Bridge in Seoul. It happened to be that the taxi driver had stopped his vehicle to make a call to report about the injured motorcyclist who was earlier involve with another accident, when Daesung hit the motorcyclist and the taxi about 40 meters away on the downhill segment of the bridge. 

Police stated that Daesung did not see the taxi and motorcyclist, and hit on his brakes after hearing a noise. 

The taxi driver suffered from minor injuries but the motorcyclist is dead. 

Daesung was not under the influence of alcohol but he had testified that he was driving at 80 km an hour on the bridge which the speed limit is 60. 

Currently, National Forensic Services were still looking into whether the motorcyclist was dead before Daesung's accident based on an autopsy, the footage on CCTV and witnesses.

Sources: 10.asiae.co.kr

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