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My Thought on 'The Greatest Love aka Best Love'

Gu Ae Jung ( Gong Hyo Jin )
She was the most popular member in the most popular girl group “Treasure Girls” 10 years ago but she is now always caught up in bad press situations due to unforeseen circumstances.The washed-up former idol star who is now hardly able to make a living with her TV appearances, has to deal with the “crazy” Top-star “Dok-Go Jin” with whom she shares a bad fate with. But thanks to him as well, she managed to secure a spot on the program ‘Couple Making’ and gets to meet Yoon Pil Joo, a golden bachelor. Thinking that this could be her last chance of getting away from the life she is now living as she gets closer to him, Ae Jung decides to try her best to go for it but why Dok-Go Jin standing in her way of happiness right now?

Dok-Go Jin ( Cha Seung Won )
Why is my heart beating so crazily again whenever Gu Ae Jung is near? Is my artificial heart malfunctioning this time? Top star! The absolute No. 1 that People love! The Perfect Man, sexy and wonderful man, all the popular vote no.1! The model who is most favored by advertisers, has covered various CFs under his belt. He had a really big heart surgery when he was young and is now living with an artificial heart in his body. But after having cheated death at one time, he developed an Obsessive-compulsive disorder habit of checking/monitoring his heart beating rate for fear of it stopping although nothing happened all these years. He is actually a mean, selfish person unlike his friendly image in the public. He is also currently in a pretend love-relation with Kang Se Ri although they have already broke up a long time ago for their appearance sake. He had lived the life he had wishes and done all that he wanted until Gu Ae Jung enters and messed it up.

Kang Se Ri ( Yoo In Na )
She was a member of Treasure Girls along with Ae Jung and Ae Hwan is her manager as well. She used to be overshadowed by Ae Jung when they were still performing as Treasure girls but now she gets much more attention and fame than Ae Jung after she switched to acting and MC. As the MC of ‘Couple Making’, Se Ri finds herself growing with jealousy towards Ae Jung again when she finds her ex-boyfriend, Dok-Go Jin and Yoon Pil Joo, the man that she is interested in falling for Ae Jung.

Yoon Pil Joo ( Yoon Kye Sang )
He is an Oriental Medicine Doctor who doesn't give a care about celebrities nor their lives and his only hobby is to find the herbs on the mountains around the country over the weekends and finding new medicines to study but he is added to the love square between the three stars when he falls unexpectedly for Ae Jung.

Here comes my Thought:

Finally I’m done with The Greatest Love aka best Love. Truthfully, at first I was so happy to watch the other side of Cha Seung Won, I was so happy that I keep checking on it time to time… I was so happy to once again watch Gong Hyo Jin in action… feel like I’m getting back the ‘Pasta’ moment but in different level…but sorry to say that this drama is not on my top favorite list. I'm enjoying myself watching it just not my favorite one.

What I like about this drama:

Since I’m a person who seeks something great from a story line, than the story line is my favorite number 1. I like it when the story revolves around people who we want to know, idol, ex-idol and actors. I’m not surprise to find out that some ex-idol do have hard time and I believe the writers didn't just write it out of imagination coz reality won’t be as perfect as what we imagined. I like it when they show us that celebrities do have their own way of thinking… the writer keep giving us what we want to know… and instead of answering it directly they give us several character to fit our imagination… there is someone like Goo Ae Jung, Kang Se Ri, Dok Go Jin, Lee Seung Gi (lol I have to add him up… can’t ignore the fact that… he was there) but the most important part is… everyone has their own story, and each one of them indirectly telling us that what you see is not what you think.

I like it when the writer tackled the most important part of celebrity life… LOVE. Most of celebrity I’ve known look perfectly perfect from head to toes, but most of them walking on a lonely path… even if they have someone they really love… they can’t proudly say that they’re in love. So, to those celebrities who overcome the public, they deserve to be looked upon. At least they have completely shows us that no matter what, they’re still human being. Sorry, I’m starting to ramble again… this is what happened when I'm over use my brain capacity.

Secondly, I like Goo Ae Jung character, not overly shadowed by Dok Go Jin. She looks much more human and comfortable to be around. Looks weak but strong enough to stay in the industry. 

Third, I like everyone around this two greatest couple. Start with that little kid Ding Dong (He is like a cupid angel who works on a spell when things getting harder for people around him)Yoon Pil Joo, Jenny, Jae Suk (Im Ji Kyu deserve to be praise... I think I like his cuteness LoL) , Goo Ae Wan and of coz Kang Se Ri for her effort on chasing what she want, and being truth to herself. 

I do like Dok Go Jin (except for his overly cute but not cute at all to me). I like almost everything about this character. Dok Go Jin do have that image that no one can shake it.

And lastly… to my surprise… I love how it end. I don’t know if I’m having a problem with the previous episode or maybe I’m not fully giving my interest to this drama but the last 2 episode succeeded on changing my mind… instead of plainly changing from WOW! To HMMM…. I’m taken back and starting to WOW-ING again…

I think I'll re-watch this drama again without being so picky (^^)

What I don’t like:

For this I can only state one thing, after following this drama for several episode I’m getting tired with Dok Go Jin… sorry girls… I have to let this out, Dok Go Jin really killed my imagination… (Yes XaXa… I’ve told you this before). Not blaming Dok Go Jin for his immature character and can’t blame the writer either coz I believe… this Dok Go Jin do exist in real life. It's just that, I can’t stand when Dok Go Jin trying too hard to look cute. I hate to think that instead of being cute he look totally awkward… well some of his action is acceptable but some just totally not okay with me. Sorry, you girls out there might love him no matter what I wrote here so just ignore this. And if it happened that I’m ruining your imagination… than I’m sorry again. He might be a character you dream for in this real life… but that just not me. If only they skipped out that part… Dok Go Jin character definitely 100% perfect… suit to my imagination LoL.

Fuh~ I’m writing this at 4 am while listening to Fiction by Beast…. Time to enter my dreamland… why is that pills not working on me? hmmm

Will I recommend this drama to you... Don't bother asking just go and watch and feel up your curiosity . Don't worry my simple thought will never ever going to affect your imagination... so grab your chips and start watching. (^^)

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