Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moon Geun-yeong likely to return with historical drama

Actress Moon Geun-yeong is about to return to home screen with a historical drama.

She is currently contemplating starring in the fusion historical MBC drama "The Sun and The Moon". It is a palace romance about the love story between a bad tempered prince and a female shaman.

Moon Geun-yeong is the prince's first love but because of political matters she is faced with a tragic end. This would be her second historical in following the 2008 historical "Painter of the Wind".

If Moon Geun-yeong showed a woman dressed up as a man in "Painter in the Wind", this time she will be a wise and beautiful woman who has a secretive past.

Meanwhile, Moon Geun-yeong has spread her talent in KBS "Cinderella's Sister" and "Marry Me, Mary!", earning her the 2010 KBS Grand Award. She is attending the last year of Sungkyungwan University, department of Korean language.

Source : Nate. ( Korean ) & Hancinema

* I will definitely going to watch this. Moon Geun Yong has never disappointing me and I believe she'll once again make it big ^^ 

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