Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Singer Rain deliberately jabs at the businessman and the reporter who have been prosecuted for releasing false statements about him.

On the 1st, Rain wrote on his Twitter, "Justice will prevail. What goes around comes around. If you hurt someone, that's bound to return to you". He added with this, the article about the charges without detention on the clothes line businessman who sued him for embezzling the company funds and the reporter who reported this.

The Seoul detectives charged J Company Mr. Lee, sports news reporter Mr. Kim and N Telecommunications Mr.Yoo for misuse of information communication and violation of law in terms of protecting an individual's information.

According to the prosecutors, in March last year, Mr. Lee sued Rain for embezzling 4.6 billion won of the company's funds and told the news to the other two, making them send it out in article.

Prosecutors cleared Rain of this suspicion last December saying, "It is not true that Rain pocketed those funds".

Source : Nate & Hancinema

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