Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kim Hyun-joong participated in the boat race special entrée test for "Infinity Challenge".

The entrée test took place on the 1st at Kyeonggo-do Ilsan MBC Dream Center. Kim Hyun-joong happened to be in the area as he was recording another program on MBC.

"Infinity Challenge" brought in indoor boat race training equipment and Kim Hyun-joong sweated out on it.

"Infinity Challenge" has once been an issue for recording one episode of this special with actor Jo In-Seong who has just been discharged from the army.

The participation of Jo In-Seong and Kim Hyun-joong have brightened up the appearance a little. However, their actual participation in the boat race isn't confirmed yet.

Previously, Jinwoon from 2AM, Lee Joon from MBLAQ, actor and friend of Ha Dong-hoona Park Geun-sik and singer Defcon also participated in the test and made everyone laugh.

Training hard in the steaming heat, the members of "Infinity Challenge" have the "STX 53rd Natinal Boat Race Championships" in July at aim. The event this team has in mind is "eight" where one person is the coz and the other 8 row the boat for 2000 meters.

Source : Nate. &  Hancinema

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  1. Hello, hope you have passed your Boat race training. Infinity Challenge is such a great boat race. I would love to participate in it.