Friday, March 11, 2011

Clazziquai’s Alex confirms he’s seeing someone

Seems like, Korean entertainment is full with lovey dove news lately... Yesterday Ko Soo admitted he has girlfreind...and today Alex confirms that he's seeing someone... whose next?

Singer and actor Alex confirmed that he “has someone he is keeping good relations with”.

On March 11th, Alex’s agency Fluxus Music revealed through a press release that, “It is true that Alex has someone that he is keeping good relations with. They are getting to know one another”.

They added, “Last year, after MBC’s drama ‘Pasta‘, the two carried older brother-younger sister relations. They started to get to know each other. It is not yet to the point where they are dating.”

“They met through the drama, but the woman has currently stopped all activities with the entertainment industry and is living as a regular citizen. Alex is very cautious about this relationship making headlines and garnering a lot of attention, so please do not give this too much unwanted attention.”

credit source: allkpop

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