Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dentist Jung, “Sorry to MC Mong for Creating Misunderstanding"

The dentist of MC Mong, who is being investigated for taking payment and pulling out MC Mong’s teeth so that he can be except from serving in the army in return, cleared up some misunderstanding about the payment he received.

The 5th court session for MC Mong was held on the 7th.

The witness at the time was the dentist Jung and Kim. Jung is seen to be the key witness in the case.

Jung is the person who sent the letter to MC Mong back in October and apparently received a large sum of money from him.

He denied the accusations that the 80 million won that he received was for helping him to avoid serving in the army.

Jung said “the money I got from MC Mong was not because I helped him avoid service, but because he owed me that money since I invested in his online shopping mall.”

According to Jung, he invested 100 million won for his shopping mall and he received a total of 460 million won in return for the investment.

Jung said 

“I couldn't ask for the money earlier since MC Mong suffered a little financially because of me tempting him to invest in something else. I had to ask him for money recently since the hospital had to close down because of the case.”

He also said that he returned all of the 460 million won after taking the 100 million won that he invested initially and that the accusations about him asking a different dentist to perform the teeth removal are all false.

Jung said “His teeth were in the worst possible states. Teeth number 35 was at the point that he couldn't even use it let alone fix it. I never asked a fellow dentist to perform the extraction and neither has MC Mong.”

He finished by saying 

“I am sorry to him because the letter was revealed to the public, sparking rumors and false accusations. I didn't have any bad intentions but unfortunately, the media released the letter.”

MC Mong’s next court session is set to occur on the 28th. The last statement from the lawyers is set to happen on this day.

 Source Via : Joy News & askactor

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