Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ko Soo Admitted He has girlfriend

I bet some fans might go crazy over the news.. some might wish for his happiness and some might cry a river.

Ko Soo who debuted in 1998 and rise to stardom and known  as one of the most acclaimed actors revealed that Ha Ji Won is his ideal type of woman and not long after that statement the media spread the rumor that he is dating an art student in college which he finally admitted that he has girlfriend.

Ko Soo said, "There is a person whom I have come to develop a good relationship with after being introduced to her by an old acquaintance of mine."

Knowing that his relationship might as well be haunt by reporters he first let the reporters know that his girlfriend is just an ordinary person who is not related to the entertainment industry in any way.

He then added, "This is about our personal lives so I'd be grateful if you'd be that much more considerate about this. I will inform you again through a press release if this develops into something good."

*Will the wedding bell ring soon? Let's pray that the happiness he felt now last forever. 

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