Monday, March 21, 2011

My Thought on 49 Days: Episode 1 & 2

49 Days… To live as someone else life, 49 Days to find the truth, 49 Days to prove love do exist... Just 49 Days.

What will you do if u’re given 49 Days to prove at least there is 3 person who cried their heart out for you?

The 1st episodes start with strong plots. Every character has its own color and tastes, There is a questions to answer, mystery to solve and a good looking Angle of Death (oh well he hate people refer him that and come up with something much cooler the 'Scheduler' & I think I like with the idea LOL). He will definitely be my fav. character.

Shin Ji Hyun who raise like a princess have everything she want, a good looking fiancé, 2 best friend who share with her tears and blood, parent who love her unconditionally… and hmmm a friend who don’t want to be her friend? Oh whatever…

Song Yi Kyung on the other hand is someone that shows no interest in life. She looks sad, lonely and hopeless. Her daily life is just the same, she woke up, went to work and sleep. Instead of saving her life she’ll prefer to be stab and die.

However, these two different people who live their life with their own point of view... faith bring them together. Song Yi Kyung failure on attempt to get suicide turn to change Shin Ji Hyun life.

This two people who come from different world… what brings them together? Question that will make us stay put and keep want to figure it out.

Waking up and looking at someone else face plus with unattractive hair and cloth will definitely a big shock for someone like Shin Ji Hyun but she have no other options... its either take it or leave it and in order to survive she choose to stay and complete the task given.

Three rules to be followed:

1) Never tell anyone who you are. ( breaking this rules will definitely make the 'Scheduler' piss off)
2) Shin Ji Hyun can only use Song Yi Kyung's body when she's asleep and to be home before midnight. (if late... 1 day will be deduct from the 49 Days)
3) Shin Ji Hyun have to earn her own money.

Sound simple and easy... 

It was easy for SJH to find someone who cry for her, but the hardest part is to find one with 100% pure tears. Everyone who care for her look sad but which one of them really sad...

Things getting interesting for Shin Ji Hyun, her life as Song Yi Kyung thought her how to do things she never done, and look at people she love in different point of view.

I'm not going to make a full screen cap... and that's it for episode 1 & 2. 

As you see I don't spilled out much so you still have so many things to figure out. Enjoy!

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  1. hmm...

    1. I love the cast line-up
    2. When I saw the teaser in youtube, i thought, it's some kind of a ghost story ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ turns out that it's actually an astral travel with a twist. Interesting enough, i'll watch it. thanks for the review!

  2. I'm from Malaysia. just follow this drama episode 1 till 12. still waiting the next episode. thumb-up for this drama. now I'm looking for the picture of this 49day for my laptop's background picture.