Monday, March 7, 2011

MC Mong’s dentist criticizes the police for unlawful interrogation

MC Mong’s dentist revealed to the press that the police interrogated him unlawfully and asserted that his past confessions were falsified. Rapper MC Mong is currently under investigation for trying to dodge Korea’s mandatory military service, and his dentist attended his fifth trial and served as a witness. 

While on a TV broadcast, Dentist Jung previously claimed that he received 80,000,000 won from the star for keeping the letter about MC Mong’s ‘intentional’ teeth extraction a secret. 

However, during the trial, Jung said, “The reported content of the letter is far from the truth” and denied that the broadcast was true. He added, “I just wrote what the police told me to write at that time. Although MC Mong’s teeth were in terrible condition, I did not tell him to get them extracted. The money that I received came from the money I invested in MC Mong’s online shopping mall.” 

He also complained about the harsh nature of the investigation and added that the police was trying to create false stories. Dentist Jung is currently serving a sentence for drug possession, and elaborated that, “During the investigation, the police forced me to ‘confess’ the truth about MC Mong’s teeth. They also told me that they would give me a plea deal if I gave a good eyewitness account. The police came many times and interrogated me during the time when MC Mong let down his guard and claimed his innocence. They also said that my dental license could be taken away.” 

MC Mong’s sixth trial is set to commence at 2:00 PM on March 28th. He is set to make his final defense during the trial.

Source: No Cut News via Nate & allkpop

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