Monday, September 15, 2008

Nightmare (R)

Release date(s) July 29, 2000 

Directed by Ahn Byeong-ki 
Produced by Goh Hyeong-wook, Stanley Kim & Lee Min-ho 
Written by Ahn Byeong-ki 
Starring Kim Gyu-ri, Choi Jeong-yoon, Ha Ji-won & Yoo Ji-tae 
Music by Lee Tae-beom 
Cinematography Lee Seok-hyeon 
Editing by Park Soon-deok 
Distributed by Tube Entertainment 


Hye-jin's homecoming should have been a joyous occasion. She was especially happy to see her childhood friend again, the shy Eun-ju. However, when a secret is revealed, harsh words are exchanged. These words deeply affect Eun-ju and,in the next scene, we see her plummeting from a 30-story building. In a flashback provided by Seon-ae, we learn that the ghost of Eun-ju is hunting down all of Hye-jin's friends and killing them. Is this possible or is a more worldly force at work? What is this mysterious tape that everyone is asking about?


This movie wasn't a new movie but still watching it was good.

Every time I watch horror movie...I can conclude it into a simple words...

most of them are about REVENGE.

This goes the same about this movie.

It started with the creepy sounds of a radio... an old man sewing something in a dark room... a black cat and a creepy surrounding.

The part that I really think it was scary is... when the old man sew one of the corps eyes... well  sometimes I got scared of a simple little thing.

A group of friend reunited again after 2 years and this time all the past story keep coming back and bring tense to every each one of them. The death of Kyung Ah / Eun Ju (Ha Ji Won), the truth behind her suicide and this is where friendship are on stack. everyone of them have their own needs and believe. And this is where we'll see what is it mean to apologize.

It's not that hard to understand why some people thought the dead will come back... it's because people who have guilty in them will for sure feel like being chase the rest of their life.

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