Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lucifer마왕 (Ma-wang)

I don't know why on earth I forgotten to review this drama. Maybe I was influenced by my friend thought and comment and been thinking why? why? why the hell that they say that? for me it was good drama... the story-line are good the script are perfect even the cast are perfect for their role... so I wonder why... in the end I really got it... different people have different point of view and I've forgot I haven't write about it at all.

Some of my friends say... it was a confusing drama... the ending wasn't good and so on. But for me, it was really are good. the story line are perfect, the script are well write, the cast are great even the suspense and mystery behind the case are interesting.

Ok this is the first drama that I watch have less skin ship and less that die hard love story but this is good... I really think it was good since I'm tired of the same melodrama tears and impossible love story... but of coz I still watch them hehehe.

I like it because it shows us how some people keep going back and hunting by their past. How some people seeking for forgiveness and some people taking advantage of other people ability... how they developed trust towards each other, how they expressed their love how they hope things really turn the way they want. Every aspect in this drama really mean something such as 'Karma'... Tarot card, red envelope and a vision are the most important background of the story. This is the story which show us how good men turn out to be a devils and what make them one of them... well maybe we should ask it to ourself have we ever thought that we might be one of the devils... who knows.

I really recommend this drama if you haven't watch it yet... just don't hope too much on happy ending coz the ending wasn't as what you expected it to be... but still it was good.

The Synopsis:

20 episodes (or 16 episodes x 70 min)

KBS title : “The Lucifer”

“Devil” is a story about two men who were predestined to confront each other over a tragic incident that happened when they were young, and a woman who has psychometric powers. Through the bitter fight of its main characters and their desperate attempts to uncover the truth, this drama attempts to find answers to such questions as what is good and what is evil, and how good and bad fortune are formed.

The murder case that begins with an afterimage of one girl is completely ignored and closed quickly because of the girl’s preposterous testimony. Twelve years later, detective Kang Oh-soo (played by Um Tae-woong) receives a taro card meaning “judgment” and a letter. A brutal game begins between the culprit and the victim of the case, which began as a trivial incident 12 years ago but has snowballed into a big tragedy, and a mysterious witness.


Eom Tae-woong : Kang Oh-soo

The second son of a rich lawmaker who owns a deluxe hotel, Oh-soo is a serious crime detective who spares no effort to catch criminals. A troublemaker in his teen years, he shocked his family when he said he wanted to become a detective after graduating from high school. Having an outgoing personality, Oh-soo is ready to help his coworkers anytime. But he tends to offend those he cares about because he is not good at expressing his feelings. However, deep inside he is a caring person, and has his wits and unswerving desire to win.

Sin Min-ah : Seo Hae-in

A psychometric, Hae-in currently works as a librarian. She is talented at drawing and is an outstanding taro card reader, but she only does that as a hobby. Her forgetfulness has almost reached the level of amnesia, but her ability to concentrate is stunning once she engrosses herself in something. Having an unsuspecting personality that is often perceived by others as “weird” because of her poor communication skills, she nonetheless knows how to face hardships head on and turns into a courageous and strong woman when necessary. Her father died three years ago of liver cancer, and currently she lives with her deaf mother, which explains her habit to use the sign language whenever she is angry or lacks words to express her thoughts.

Joo Ji-hoon : Oh Seung-ha

An exemplary lawyer who always smiles, Seung-ha is an “angel” who volunteers to provide his professional services to underprivileged people and at the same time a coldhearted “villain” who reenacts and masterminds murders according to his own verdicts. He never went to high school but instead obtained his high school diploma through qualification exams and passed the bar exam with honors at age 25. His contradicting personality -- warm and gentle looks vs. a cold heart -- is like a sharp piece of glass hidden in a soft blanket.

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  2. hi... I really love this drama!!!
    I hope you will post some quotes (in English)from this drama, there are many good words but I just can't get to remember it well ~,~

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