Thursday, September 18, 2008

WGM Couples horoscopes scores

From the latest episode:

According to the expert each couple is rate regarding their date and time of birth. The rating was given in 100% and to my surprise the most awkward couple are the most suitable one... let see what the expert told us about their characters.

1)  with 92 % scores

Lettuce couples. (Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo)

Now let see what make they score higher.

The man is introverted & has many capabilities but financially, he's not fated to make a lucky killing so he needs to save diligently to have a good financial life.

Meanwhile, the woman is very quick with her thinking and good at managing finance & people around her. this type of horoscope is good for international marriage or there's a high probability of marrying someone who travels overseas often.

The man should always focus his love & attention to his wife so that she's not distracted by other man.

* 1st reason: Hyun Joong is introverted and Hwang Bo is good with people around her.
  2nd reason: Hyun Joong is not good in making money and Hwang Bo good at managing
  3rd reason: Hyun Joong is travelling so often and Hwang Bo is suitable for someone like him.

2) with 90% scores.
Anbi couples. (Andy & Solbi)

They scores says that, the man is assertive & upright & honest to a fault. When he need to be objectives he can be without emotions and he can be quite proud.

Meanwhile, Solbi has some manly qualities, but her tastes run towards aristocratic or princess like things.

The children are plentiful and the children will likely work in the athletics or things that require physical strength.

* I guess Solbi really need someone like Andy hehehe... since Solbi keep making trouble she might need someone who know how to convince her into something... just like the ring incident...

3) with 78% scores. 
Alshin Couples. (Alex & Shinae) 

I wonder why 78% but well who know why...

Alex is very masculine and has strong sense os self sacrifice for others. He may be a bit straight-laced and has a good fortune with women.

meanwhile his beloved Shinae is very feminine and soft. But she get suspicious and jealous easily and she is good at controlling her man.

* No comment for this couple hahaha... I guess it was ok to be jealous right.

4) And finally with 47% scores.

Ant Couples. (Crown J & In Young)

The man is very possessive & has strong sense of honor. He's fortunate with women and naturally really likes women.

The women should not rely too much on the man's financial fortune & hard work.

They aren't problem if the man treats the woman like a daughter.

Once married, the woman will want lot of kids.

* In young look good with kids... 

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