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Takuya Kimura as Asakura Keita

Fukatsu Eri as Mayama Rika

Alternative Title: CHANGE 
Genre: Human Drama 
Film Date: May, 2008 
Total Videos: 10 
Japan Casts:
Abe Hiroshi, Fuji Junko, Fukatsu Eri, Horiuchi Keiko, Ito Shiro, Kato Rosa, Kazama Morio, Kimura Takuya, Koyama Shigeru, Nakamura Atsuo, Ohbayashi Takeshi, Terao Akira 

This is how the story begin:

Japan is having a hard moment in their politics world... the PM doesn't seems to know what he was doing and should be done... scandal keep coming and the popularity of the party is decreasing. Members of the party act on their own and have their own thought... the situation getting harder when one of the candidates were involve in an accident which also bring him along his most capable successor.

Kanbayashi Masachi, the leader of the ruling party, and secretary Miyama Rika conceive the idea of fielding the second son, Asakura Keita, who apparently not interested in politics and at the same time working as a grade teacher. But knowing that his mom will take over after his father he decide to give a try and give up if it was fail...

To his surprise he win the election and bring him to the parliament... started from zero and trying to learn slowly another surprise come to him. Kanbayashi Masachi offered him to be on election for the PM seat, and as a normal person he ran away and went to his favorite point gazing stars. Miyama Rika once again pursued him and convince him to take the chance and bring the change that he wanted to do...listening to her advices... he once again give a try with a lot more things to learn, and of coz he win.

Starting from that point Asakura Keita the young PM working harder than his own clark. Changing so many things for his country he even change the way people think and he even change the attitude of his officers. Will he succeed? will everything be smooth as he want?

I don't know how other people rate this drama... but for me it was great... I'll give 4.5 out of 5.
why 4.5? because I believe nothing is perfect so just make it 4.5.

I'm not gonna talk about how cool the cast and so on... but the script writer really are something... I guess what the writer trying to tell us is... make a move and do some votes...
Have u ever votes? to tell the truth I don't, the reason that stated in this drama in the end is just like what I thought... but now it come to my sense that small things can change many things... just like the episode where Asakura Keita (Takuya Kimura) the PM trying to remove the tea order...

What it's look like to have a young PM? what exactly he think? what will happened? why him? this is the question that will arise if someday we might happened to have someone younger, charming and capable in charge as our PM (I would like to have one... but not as a puppet).

Guys you have to watch this... if you're Takuya Kimura fans you really have to watch and even if you're not but trying to change I really recommended this drama. You'll love it. + Madona (Miles Away) songs really cool...

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Credit video to: nakanaka33

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