Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hwan Hee- Hwayobi have been voted as WGM's best couple

In a recent internet site poll held from the 16th till the 23rd at Issueplay, Hwan Hee- Hwayobi were voted as the most interesting/fun couple as they came in first place when the results were announced on the 24th. 

The both of them received overwhelming support as they won by a landslide 51.8% of the total vote, with a total of 8,305 netizens voting for them. Following them are Hyun Joong - Hwang Bo in second place with 24.3% of the votes. Crown J - In Young came in third with 12%, Marco - Dambi with 8% and Jin Young- Hyun Ji with 3.1%. Andy-Solbi came in sixth place with only 0.4% whereas Alex- Shinae got 0.3% support from the vote. 

Credits: Yonhap News & all seoul'd out

* Ok I was shoked with this votes things... what was this supposed to mean? Alex - Shinae 0.3%?!! 
wargh!!! I hate this whatever votes  things... it seems to me like something is not right. What is wrong with all this people? when Alex & Shinae off the screen... they want them to be back... and when they're  on the screen again they provided the ugly comment ever... and now this votes?! 

It was scary every time I saw the results... so now people don't seems to interest on Andy & Solbi too... can't wait for the farewell episodes... I guess I need to prepared a box of tissue for it.

Hwan hee & Hwayobi it seems to me that this couple is for sure will be in the new episodes... 

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