Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The face of their Baby

I screen captured this photo from their latest show...

They make a cute baby from the photoshopped and it was fun to watch them.

Let see how the baby look like and who their face resembles to.

1) A's couple (Crow J & In Young)

2) Alshin couple (Alex & Shinae)

3) Anbi's Couple (Andy & Solbi)

4) Lettuce's Couple (Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo)

After watching this...and make a little compare... I really think Alshin's baby are the sweetest be it a girl or a boy... Just like Alex and Shinae.

Meanwhile I'll say the prettiest boy ever will be the Lettuce's baby boy...

The tough boy will be A's baby boy and the cutest boy will be Anbi's baby boy.

What about the baby girl...

well Lettuce's baby girl look toughest, A's baby girl are cute and Anbi's baby girl are chubby so thats mean she is cute too.

Even if it's not real but it was really fun.

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