Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Got Married

My first blog entry start with the well known variety show "We Got Married"...I guess nothing much for me to write here...since you'll find more out there and all that I can say is I'm addicted to it. I've read so many comments about the show and most of them are pointing out whose the best, whose not real, whose annoyed and so on...I guess it's quite good and the show does not just show us how married couples face things or fight with each other.

This show also tell us...celebrity
also a human who make mistakes and have their own way of facing things...they get mad, fall in love, sleeps, sicks and they might be even lie. People got excited every time they watch the show...and slowly the expectation will change...viewers might take them as the real couple, we even want our favorite couples really date in real life. What I know is...reality show or not...viewers tend to think couples on air should date outside...it's funny coz sometimes I also think that way... The only things that I don't understand about this show is...what is the motives? what will happened next? will the show go on until when? If this show tend to entertain us then they really succeed...and if they try to let us know how married life is ...I guess some might refer to it and some just watch it and try to figure out how their favorite couples end up...I'm one of them.

I'm talking about the general We Got Married...none couples are bad and all of them really good...or should I use the words great? but of coz I have my own favorite
couples...and that's doesn't mean the one that I'm not favored are not good as I say none of them are bad but just not my fav. one. There is something people need to know why some people love them and some just don't...first viewers are coming from different age, different group and different kind of lifestyle...so my lifestyle might not suitable with some couples so my brain only can decode those people who are similar to me. (that's a lame example I know...).

Favorite couples:
Alex & Shinae
I've wrote somewhere in my others blog...that there are perfect for each other...and awkwardness make them even real...different people have different way of doing or even saying things...why I choose Alex & Shinae? maybe because I'm a person who talk and doing thing just like them...so if some people think this kind of people are not real...think again coz I am so much like them.

Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo.
Every relationship that start with awkwardness is real for me...so from the start until now...even if some people who think they're not suitable...in my mind they're good. they might have different age but almost every thing about them look the same...they laugh freely, even joke with each other and comfort each other in their own way... which make me wanna watch them and look for something new.

Not favorite...but still I like them.

Andy & Solbi

They don't bring me any excitement...they seems to me just like the ordinary couple who I can expect what happened next, what things disappointing them, what make them happy...and this is why they're not in my favorite list.

Crown J & In Young

Maybe because they're too aggressive...so my head told me "no they're not"...and that's not a bad thing...I've seen couples like them and they look good with each other even when they fight. But still they're not my favorite one. Since they fight in every episode I think it's kind of bored me...I can guess when they gonna fight and how crown J trying so hard. How simple things turn out to be big, and how they manage to cool down...so it's not interesting anymore since I can guess what next...

The best thing about this show is...no matter who your favorite are...still you won't even dare skip watching any of the couples...they are unique on their way and be it scripted or not...I don't care, as long as it is good I'll watch it.

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