Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shin Se Kyung, “I get a good feel from Yoo Ah In oppa”

Actress Shin Se Kyung revealed her expectations of actor Yoo Ah In she will be acting opposite of onSBS drama ‘Fashion King’ to premier in March of 2012.

In an interview with Sports Seoul on December 27th, Shin Se Kyung said, “As soon as I was cast for ‘Fashion King’, I hurried to see the movie ‘Wandeuggi’ that Yoo Ah In oppa stars in. I was filming ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ but I saw it when I had a little time.”

Shin Se Kyung commented on the movie ‘Wandeuggi’, “It’s turned out to be a warm and fun story. Kim Yoon Suk sunbaenim is really cool and Yoo Ah In oppa’s acting was really great so it was touching.”

In the drama ‘Fashion King’, Shin Se Kyung will be playing the role of Ga Young who graduated from a fashion school in Paris. Ga Young will meet the male lead Young Gul (played by Yoo Ah in) who is penniless but makes his own life with his own hands.

The script reading on December 24th with the twenty or so actors was said to have been impressive as all the actors took the script reading very seriously so the acting from the actors were as realistic as the real takes.

Shin Se Kyung revealed, “I met Yoo Ah In oppa for the first time at the script reading but I think our acting will get in sync very well. He seems to be a really good actor and there is an active feel so my expectations are high. I am very happy to work with him on a drama”, as she smiled shyly.

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