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"Bali" Couple Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won to Reunite in "The King"? [UPDATED]

“What Happened in Bali” couple Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won are teaming up onscreen again in an upcoming MBC drama, according to local news agencies. Reports say the two actors are confirmed to take on the lead in“The King,” which was once offered to Hallyu frontrunner Lee Byung Hun.

“The King” is the first time in seven years that Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won will couple up in a drama again, since 2004’s “What Happened in Bali.” The reunion of the two actors is raising anticipation for the drama, since both had stated filming memorable kissing scenes with each other. They are also known for having a good working relationship that translates to a strong screen chemistry.

Jo In Sung comes into the project from the stalled “Kwon Bup,” which was supposed to be his first post-military service project. Ha Ji Won, meanwhile is wrapping up her film “Korea.”

With the leads now onboard, the drama’s production is accelerating efforts to lock in the other cast members. Veteran actor Lee Soon Jae, who “The King” team has worked with previously in “Beethoven Virus,” is said to be in talks for a role.

“The King” is a fantasy melodrama about a king from the North and a princess from the South who fell in love with each other. The drama is set in an alternate universe where the king still rules the country. Its director Lee Jae Kyu and writers Hong Jin Ah and Hong Ja Ram were the team behind 2008’s “Beethoven Virus.”

“The King” is expected to start shooting soon in preparation for its March 2012 broadcast.

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The time has come! Finally my long lost fav. couple reunited again. hehehe

I thought I've started to feel comfortable with the new pairing which is Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won... but I guess I have to be prepared with Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won again. Can't believe it's been 6 years going to 7 now... Memories of Bali has always one of my fav. drama huhuhu... 

'The King' definitely going to be HUGE! I'm casting my spell now hahaha

Let see what kind of reaction will Hyun Bin show us with the old couple back on screen...

[Updated News}

MBC officially released news about the drama “The King“, which is due to be released at the start of next year.

MBC reported that the cast for “The King” isn’t certain and that it was in process. It said this announcement was being made to prevent further confusion.

Certain media outlets reported previously that Jo In-Seong was offered a role but declined, so Ha Ji-won was considered right away.

“The King” is about a South Korean prince and a North Korean princess who have an arranged marriage, and is scheduled to air on every Wednesday and Thursday early next year.

Source : Nate & HanCinema

* Hate it when they do this! Grrrr I guess Hyun Bin will keep showing us his beautiful smile until the decision is confirm. 

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