Saturday, December 31, 2011

Entertainers mention Kang Ho Dong in their acceptance speeches

Though Kang Ho Dong was not present, many of the celebrities could not ignore his absence at the‘2011 SBS Entertainment Awards’ and desired for him to make his comeback soon.

Kim Yong Man, Kim Won Hee, and Shin Bong Sun hosted the SBS Entertainment Awards that took place on December 30th.

It was here that ‘Running Man‘ Yoo Jae Suk was awarded the honorable ‘Daesang’, and ‘Strong Heart”s Lee Seung Gi and Kim Byung Man of ‘Law of the Jungle‘ were awarded the Best Excellence Awards for Talk Show & Variety Programs. The awards went to various entertainers that were active at SBS for the past year.

However, MC Kang Ho Dong who won the Entertainment ‘Daesang’ last year and served as an MC on hit programs such as ‘Strong Heart’ and ‘Star King‘ until this past September did not receive any awards. In fact, his name was not listed as a nominee for any of them. The MC temporarily retired from the industry after being under suspicion of tax evasion this past September, and was unable to attend any of the year-end ceremonies.

After Kang Ho Dong’s biggest rival Yoo Jae Suk received his SBS Entertainment ‘Daesang’, he cautiously began to say, “I am hesitant to say these words in fear that they will hurt my hyungnim but… I spoke too him not long ago. Towards the end of our conversation he said, “Jaesuk, be strong and march forward.” I really miss you. I will be strong and march forward, just as you said, but I would like to take that journey with you.”

Lee Seung Gi who was award the Talk Show Best Excellence Award as well as the Netizens’ Best Popularity Award also tearfully remarked, “Kang Ho Dong hyungnim, you always made me feel secure by looking closely after me. I never felt burdened because you were there with me, but now your absence feels like a treme9[]ndous void. I really want to hear your hearty laugh. I really want to tell you that I miss you dearly.”

Lee Seung Gi who has been hosting ‘Strong Heart’ alongside Kang Ho Dong for the past two years has been leading the show alone since September.

Cho Hae Ryun who was awarded the Talk Show Excellence Award also stated, “Our Ho Dong who has always cheered us on in the dressing room is taking some time off right now, but next year I hope to lead the programs with him.”

Cho Hae Ryun has helped Kang Ho Dong host ‘Star King’ until he took a temporary leave in September, and Entertainment Boom along with Super Junior‘s Lee Teuk who also worked a lot with the MC on ‘Strong Heart’ and ‘Star King’ also remembered to mention him in their speeches.

Lee Teuk who was also awarded the Talk Show Excellence Award remarked, “Dear Kang Ho Dong sunbaenim who never failed to give brutal advice! The place you belong is not there, but here. Please, hurry back“, and Boom held up a photo of Kang Ho Dong and danced his signature ‘Boom’ dance.

Although Kang Ho Dong was not present, the celebrities missed him at the award ceremony more than they ever have.

Source & Image : NoCutNews via Nate

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