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My thoughts on Girl K aka Killer Girl K

As promised before, I'll put my thoughts on this movie when I'm back. And it might be a little bit late, thanks to my busy schedule. But promise is promise... below is a synopsis or whatever you call it, I've quoted from Dramabeans and right after that is my thoughts... a short one of coz :)

"Is it a movie? Is it a drama? I dunno which classification is more apt for a three-part TV movie airing on cable, but in any case cable channel CGV’s Girl K looks pretty badass.

Mixing action and thrills, Girl K is being called the “Korean Nikita,” which automatically piques my interest; I loved the 1990 French movie, the Hollywood adaptation Point of No Return, and the ’90s series with Peta Wilson. I’m actually least familiar with the newest incarnation, the CW series, but I’ll be getting right on that. And now there’s a Korean mini-drama/movie with a similar premise? Count me in.

In the Nikita universe, the heroine is coerced into working as an assassin for a secret organization, essentially blackmailed into being their killer for hire while longing for her freedom. Girl K shares some similarities with that premise, but deviates in some significant ways: It centers around a high school student, Yeon-jin, whose mother is killed before her eyes. Mom had been affiliated with a secret organization, SS1, but upon learning that the chief was planning to use her daughter, she’d run away with Yeon-jin, only to be eliminated.

Afterwards, Yeon-jin vows to hunt down the killer, left to fend for herself with only one helper/Daddy Long Legs figure for moral and material support. To claim her revenge, she joins SS1 and turns herself into one of their killers. All while apparently attending school and dealing with boys with crushes. It’s like all my favorite CW shows, mashed into one.

The movie/show stars newbie Han Groo as the lead character, Yeon-jin, and funny-creepy-scary man Kim Jung-tae (Can’t Lose) as her helper. The 19-year-old Han Groo is a singer who will be making her acting debut with this project, but she did beat out 100 other hopefuls in the audition process and performed most of the action stunts herself, so I have hopes that she’ll be a good fit for the role. (Her background: She learned dance in the U.S. in middle school, and martial arts in high school in China.)

The movie also features another idol star, Kim Dong-joon of ZE:A, a big man on campus who falls for transfer student Yeon-jin at first sight. Park Hyo-joo (Air City) plays an ex-assassin who trains Yeon-jin. Her role is mostly office-bound as she gives orders on missions, but Park stated that she had to work out hard for a pivotal, emotional action sequence near the end.

In addition, the always-fantastic Kim Roi-ha (Comrades) plays Yeon-jin’s enemy, while Baek Do-bin (Queen Seon-deok) plays a hot-blooded detective who lost a colleague to that enemy and is now on a dogged hunt to track down SS1."

Quoted from Dramabeans

So here is my thoughts on this Movie or Drama? whatever...

I'm impressed with Han Groo acting skills, seriously I think she should just continue acting rather than singing. The fact that she looks like Moon Geun Young in Cinderella's Sister did bother me a lot, well not that I don't like it... it just that sometimes I forgot she is Han Groo hahaha...

So did I like this movie/drama?


What I like about it?

The Lead character- Yeon Jin (Han Groo) is strong, good looking and cold hearted. Everything about this character is dark. The fact that she turn into a serial killer just to revenge itself is full of hatred. And the reason why I like her character is because she's always on track... she knows what to do, how to react and when to take control. Instead of looking at her killing instinct, I prefer checking on her strong vibe... as a girl well a woman to be exact, I wish I have that strength on me. 

The action pack- Since I like Yeon Jin character than it will be weird if I don't like the action pack right? hehe~ it was non stop. well of coz it stop kekeke~ ... I like the fact that Han Groo know how to fights. She runs, jumps, hides, punches, kicking and shoots all the time... accept when she's in school. Where will you find someone active like her? 

The crush moment - Love it that the script writer fit in some romantic character in this action pack movie, it will be tiresome if there don't conclude that small character in here. The only way to remind us that Yeon Jin is indeed just a human being is when she have that soft spot on her. A light that shine her dark path... well of coz the light goes off at the end but still it was an awesome moment.

Is there anything at all that I don't like about?

Of coz, there is some naked scenes that I seriously think... if they don't show it the movie will still awesome. Some might think, oh it's okay, that's cool or be open minded... but this is me, and my mind and soul says... it just not right.

Overall, I like this Movie but hate that scenes... :)

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