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Fanfic - Gathering (HJ & HB) Part 1

Extra Story # 6: Gathering (1)

Date: June 9, 2009 23:14

He is sitting in his car, furrowing his brows intensely staring at the entrance of the apartment building not too far away.

A pretty image appears at the door, his stare soften right away, furrowed brows unwind, and a sight of a smile start climbing up his lips.
She stands at the doorway, looks around for a bit, and then smilingly walking towards where he parked his car, he bents over and opens the passenger’s door.

Settling in her seat, she looks at him, smilingly asks, “We still have more than an hour free time before the gathering, why are you here so early?”

Helping her to fasten the seatbelt, slightly but bitterly smiles, “If I was late for this kind of gathering, I will be in a huge dilemma.”

Getting ready to get on the road, she reaches her hand out to smooth his hair, “Wei? Are you Nervous?”
“Sincha, Sunbae nims are specifically calling me in, how could I not get nervous?” Reflexively, he licks on his lips which are getting a bit dry.

Shinhwa Sunbae nims are having a gathering today, and they particularly asked her to call him in. She mentioned this when he called yesterday. She said she had not replied them yet, telling them she wanted to ask him first, she even asked if she should turn them down for him or not. He immediately made a clear-cut stand that he will absolutely be there and definitely be on-time. This is not a joke! If she turned it down for him, what would sunbae nims think of him? How could he drift along afterward?

Soon after, he starts being restless, feels like on pins and needles, cannot sit still. He even made a scrupulous phone call to JaeJoong in the evening, asking him what Shinhwa sunbae nims would like. JaeJoong said a whole bunch of mixed and jumbled things, he got nothing out of the conversations except 3 words “Do Not Lie”, all 6 members hate people lying, and he himself is not someone who would lie. Aish, such a waste of time to call JaeJoong, not getting any help at all!

A sec…… A minute……

Time pass by at snail's pace, he cannot bear the nervous wait anymore. He dragged on and on and it is still 2 hours away from the gathering, he finally grabbed the car key and drove over to her apartment to pick her up.

“Just relax, they are someone you knew already ar!” HB smiled.

Only someone he knew, he mumbles. When he met them, he called them Sunbae nim, not even calling them “Hyung”, continuously mumbles in his mind.

“What would Sunbae nims do when they gather together?” He asked. Thinking about it, he really needs to get as much information as possible. What if he could not figure out the situation and did something stupid, he will be screwed!

“Let me think…… Drinking….. Smoking…… Joking around…… Aren't you very familiar to all these too?” She turned and teasingly smiled at him.

“I’m going crazy already! Joking around still?? That’s totally insane!” He is side-eye-ing her, and this makes her breaks into laughter.

“You now know, having an older girlfriend is getting this much inconvenience. You still have time if you want to regret now.” She smilingly said, and her eyes are sparkling with naughty sparks.

He gives her a strong glare, and grinds his teeth,
“Don’t even think about it in your lifetime.”

She breaks into laughter again.

His throat is so dry, craving so much for water, he hardly makes a swallow, and then a bottle of water appears in front of him, 

“You’re looking for this, aren't you? Already prepare for you.” She said.

He grabbed the bottle of water that the cap is already twisted open, and made a deep sip, and swallow little by little.

“You don’t need to be too nervous, they are real genuine people, very easy to get along, just causally drinking with them once, and you can get closer to them.”

He nods, and looks at her, “I understand, but I still can’t help it…..”

She sits straight, getting serious, “Kule, let me give you a heads up, among the 6 of them, JunJin, Eric and Andy are both very good at drinking. Dong Won is the worst drinker, but the person you really need to pay close attention is Hye Sung, he not only is good at drinking, he is actually better in convincing others to drink.”

These seem are really useful information, he listens by heart.

“Min Woo generally not going to make things difficult for Hoobae, you can chat with him about music; then for Dong Won, you can ask him anything about how to keep in good health, he will tell you everything he knows, aren't you not feeling that well lately? Ask him for some good advice. As to JunJin, Eric and Andy, there’s no other way but to prove your capability. For JunJin, no other words, everything is in the liquor; you just have to battle drinking with him. But then, he usually the first one to put in this kind of battlefield, in gathering like this, shouldn't be an exception. About Eric, he doesn’t say much, but if he asks you question, you need to answer honestly, his opinion plays the Key role, but don’t worry, I know he got a good impression of you, and shouldn't give you a hard time. And for Andy, when his Hyungs are around, he normally won’t come forward, but if JunJin and Eric are losing in drinking, he will step forward and take up the challenge. My suggestion is don’t wait for them to start drinking, you should invite them first, not only that, if possible, instead of inviting one at a time, inviting them as a group. That would be the best. What do you think?”

He finally starts to smile, “I’ll sure to follow your suggestions, the fortune-teller1 said I have to listen to my lady to be successful.” She already thoughtfully analysis all possible scenarios, and even helping him to find a way out, how could he not feels the warmth deep in his heart, his nervousness die down a lot.

“Sincha?! Fortune-teller said you should listen to me too? Then, you shouldn’t keep a tight rein on what I wore anymore.”

Shooting a glance at her, “Let’s discuss this later …… How about Hye Sung Sunbae?”

“I thought about it already, you‘d have a hard time dealing with Hye Sung, my solution is I’m going to drag him away, how’s that? Am I marvelous?”

“That’s right, marvelous.” Holding her hand up and give her a firm kiss.

End Note:

1 Fortune-Teller – In 2009 after BOF, Kim Bun, Kim Joon, Kim Hyun Joong and Son Dam Bi were casted in a series of Samsung handphone’s CF / Mini drama series to work as the Rookie of the Company. In one of the episode where Hyun Joong and Son Dam Bi to team up to find inspiration on Commercial Concept, they walked by a fortune-teller. At the time, the fortune-teller told Hyun Joong that he needs to listen to his lady for him to be successful. I cannot find back the clip in Youtube, a lot of clips were taken down already! If someone found it, you can help to provide the link.

Credits:只想戒毒from Chinese Ssangchu Baidu Island
Additional information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
© [只想戒毒 & ydwlai] 2009. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of [只想戒毒 & ydwlai].

To those who have been waiting for the 2nd part.... I'm sorry. The translator hasn't come up with it... so for now we will have to wait. 
I don't know if I can come up with the translation on my own because that will need the original author permission and that might take time. I'll put up the update when it is available. Thank You for enjoying the fan fic!
                                                                                                                             with Luv,

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  1. more pls Thank you so much for translating them wish theres more LOL Tess

  2. I remember an episode in WGM, I think it was Episode 25 that they determined the compatibility of the couples. It heed the same result as the handphone CF :) It was said there that Hyunjoong needs a woman who handles finances carefully. :) *just like hwangbo*