Saturday, May 21, 2011

49일 (49 Days) Photo Spams

Finally we have arrived at the end of the journey of 49 Days. How was the 49 Days for you? did you have a great journey or is it possible that you got disappointed with it? well I have a mix feelings about how its end... maybe because I did not expect what they're giving us hahaha... but I can tell you that I'm sure having a great journey with them (^^)

To those who haven't watch it yet, you might want to put this drama on your list. It might not as extravagant as Secret Garden or My Girlfriend is Gumiho, but this is definitely one of those fantasy dramas that can make you sit tight and watch.

I like how the stories related to each one of them. But leaving us guessing what happened to Hang Kang & Song Yi Kyung just makes me go nuts. I don't really fancy with this kind of ending. It makes me wonder what kind of relationship they have... lovers? friends? Well I would love to think they're in love now since they've ended it with words such... ' because I've met you, now I'm happy...' 

Ops! hope that little spoiler from me won't ruin your imagination hahaha... I won't spilled more. But here some screen cap and photos from 49 Days.

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  1. Yes, I also want more lovelines between Han Kang and the real Yi Kung. They should have forwarded to 5 years. So that we can have a more satisfied ending :D

    Nway, i really enjoyed watching this drama :D