Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shindong Proposes To Girlfriend on TV Show

Super Junior member Shindong has confessed that he wants to marry his girlfriend Jung Nari, even making a marriage proposal on national television.

The singer made the remark during a guest appearance on SBS variety show "Steel Heart," which aired Tuesday evening and featured several other members of idol group Super Junior. 

"I want to marry my girlfriend. I am confident that we will be happy forever," said the singer on the show. 

The pop idol even revealed his private feelings for Jung in a video message which aired during the show. 

"One thing I most realized since I met you is that my heart aches when you are not with me," the singer was quoted as saying. "I felt that I was always happy when you are with me. I want you to be happy with me forever. Marry me."

Shindong's public marriage proposal even surprised his bandmates Choi Si-won and Lee Teuk, who said that they felt "betrayed" and that they have never heard him say such things. 

The couple, who were fixed up on a date after Shindong saw a picture of Jung in a school graduation album, have went through ups and downs in their relationship.

The two had once broken up when their parents disapproved of them dating, causing Shindong to overeat from the stress of it, and, as a result, he tipped the scale at over 100 kilograms at one point. 

When the singer asked Jung to see him again, she said she would do so only if he lost the weight back. Twenty kilograms lighter, the two were back together. 

The couple and both sides of the parents are rumored to have met recently, as part of a customary family meeting between two families when a couple decide to get married. 

Shindong, 24, is considered one of the more comical and goofy members of the 13-man band Super Junior. His friendly image and funny disposition have helped him score numerous variety show appearances and even host his own radio show.

He recently made news when he left a secret coded message to his girlfriend in the group's latest album "BONAMANA," which was deciphered by fans as "Nari, let's get married, I'm proposing to you, I'll love you, forever."

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