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Fav. Quote: Episode 6 Cinderella's Sister

Episode 6 Cinderella Sister

So it’s that simple,
Once the sun has set it usually does,
Are you able to forget everything?
-Hong Ki Hoon-

No matter who you were, how you smiled,
And what your name was…
None of that is important now.
And to me,
You’re more insignificant than dust or insect are.
Try calling my name or smiling at me,
Because then I will really kill you.
_Goo Eun Jo_

Everyone is off on a picnic
Leaving me behind
Leaving me behind
-Goo Hyo Sun-

I have never seen you as different from Hyo Sun
I might have… there is possibility I did…
But I have no idea if I had…
And I don’t want to know at all.
That feelings is somewhere deep down under the
depths of the ground…
And even if we were to say I hid that feeling…
 I am not ashamed in front of you.

I wish…
I wish…
I had just died that time.
There is numerous times when I could have died.
There were so many chances
when I could’ve been freed from you.
-Goo Eun Jo-

This house is…
difficult for me.
Please don’t give your heart towards me
If you gave it to me already
take every little bit of it back
I’m a good for nothing kid… and I will be to the end.
You won’t even be able to imagine how awful I am.
If you are to know what thoughts run through my head
throughout the days…
you would never want to see me again, not even a second.
-Goo Eun Jo-

Reduce your speed
drive slowly…
I won’t chase after you
I won’t try to grab onto you
even when you ask me to grab onto you, I won’t.
So you don’t have to flee like that.
-Hong Ki Hoon-

Telling me that I’m pretty…
won’t work anymore
You’re… a liar
After getting me on cloud nine
by telling me I’m pretty
I know you’re just going to make me do
everything you want me to do.
I won’t fall for it twice.
-Goo Hyo Sun-

What a relief.
you won’t do it?
If you’re not goin to it,
tell me now.
I thought you liked it.
This isn’t something I can force someone to do
when they don’t want to do it.
If you don’t want to do it, I can use money.
You’re father money.
-Goo Eun Jo-

You’re… Evil.
-Goo Hyo Sun-

Wah, Song Eun Jo…
No, it’s Go Eun Jo.
There’s no way for me to mimic her
I can’t become like her

If I try to match her pace…
“You will never be like them.”
As soon as I realize that I couldn’t catch up to her…
I wanted to cry.
I should never let her get to me…
But the tears wouldn’t stop
I’m supposed to swear to the heavens and to the land,
but every single words I spit at her has been a lie.

“Unni, don’t die”.
Just die…
Is what I really wanted to say.

“unni, I’ll do well. I’ll take care of you,
don’t die. Unni”.
You got a nosebleed because you’re picking it, weren’t you?
My desire to ask this thing… was my truth.
-Goo Hyo Sun-

"You're... beyond evil.
I've never met anyone as despicable as you before.
You want to make me into someone that has nothing to offer, don't you?
That's why you showed up at my house, isn't it?!"
"Staying up all night in the research lab so you
can look good in front of dad.
Getting nosebleeds.
Even if you don't do these things,
I'm still compared to you and I become more pathetic 
with each comparison. And when you're next to pathetic useless me,
you become more honest and perfect that you already are."
"I want nothing more than for a thing like you to just die!"
-Goo Hyo Sun-

I think the reason why I favor Hyo Sun words is because... she looks more sincere and honest to her words. Her words represent the feeling that she been keeping inside. Honestly being compared to others... I understand it 100%. It hurts that makes you want to hate someone but than trying to figure out what is wrong and what is right, why and for what... some situation makes its hard to decides who to blames... is it me or you?

"I held you on my back and rifled through trash. Because even though it'd be filthy, I thought feeding you something would be better than not.
When I fed you something from the trash and you got sick, 
you wailed all night & your eyes keep rolling up into the back of your head 
so all I could see was the whites of them. 
Father God, Budha, or Allah, see what happened if you kill my baby.
I vowed that I wouldn't just sit back and do nothing if they took you away.
The moment the heavens threw us away, 
I'd shallow them down in one gulp after I chewed them into tiny bits.
That night, I gave up living as a normal person
Do you know who I am?
I'm the bitch who won a direct match against God and Buddha.
Just to save you."

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