Friday, November 7, 2008

We Got Married Episode 32

I guess after several month watching them, there is something that change in every person. In Young tolerate more and look sweet nowadays... she use to argue on whatever things Crown J says or do. Maybe because Hyun Don is around so the tempered all thrown to him and she need Crown J to be by her side so I guess with Hyun Don around Crown J is safe at least from In Young tantrum ^_^.

Hyun Joong look matured in every episode... I guess his SS members really stated it right, Hyun Joong really look more like Hwang Bo... or maybe Hwang Bo look like Hyun Joong the personalities I mean... they really captured everyone attention. The jealousy, the conservative Hyun Joong... the beutiful and kind hearted Hwang Bo everything seems perfect for them.

Alex & Shinae is sweet as always and thats a good news... I really think Alex thinks only the best for Shinae and e really meant it when he says he's one of those people who want her to be strong. Alex really know what Shinae thinks even when she didn't say it or show it... it was sad that they will be parted soon T T

Hwanhee & Hwayobi, hmmm this couple is getting my attention lately. Hwanhee is really like someone I know... Harsh words doesn't mean his bad, he really take a good care of Hwayobi... Hwayobi, well she still need sometimes to find out more about Hwanhee, she seems like thinking that whatever things Hwanhee do or say just to make her feel good... well thats normal of coz, you won't believe it right away though... but this couple really cool.

And lastly, Marco & Dambi. This couple is full with emotion, Marco seems so childish and Dambi are so motherly... actually without realizing it both of them really suit well. There is no way any women can handle how Marco's act, he's stubborn, selfish, nice but childish... who would like to have a partner like that? but I guess man is always a man, they don't let you know what they feel or what they think. Dambi still can smile when Marco show up with the rabbit head... that's mean she really know that Marco didn't mean whatever things he says and do... well at least that's what I guess... but man... believe me if you acted like that you'll suffered all your life... 

Can't wait for the episode 33 translation... at this moment all that I know Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo have a lot of skin ship lately... haven't watch the whole episode yet but it seems great.

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